Will AI Really Replace Human Intelligence?

Will AI Really Replace Human Intelligence?

Posted on December 12, 2019

Machines and artificial intelligence are known to take over our world. Such trends have led us, humans, to adapt ourselves to the ever-changing trends in the environment. But with the rise of AI and the loss of departments are you worried whether AI will replace human intelligence? If so, this article will help you understand why it will not do so.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is referred to as any form of a scientific operator which mimics human intelligence and behavior pattern. It involves specialization in tasks like speech recognition, the use of algorithms for pattern identification, and the application of machine learning.

Top 5 Reasons AI will Not Replace Human Intelligence

Here we have listed the top 5 reasons why artificial intelligence will not replace human intelligence in the future:

  1. Handling Repetitive Tasks

    We believe AI will not be able to replace human intelligence. This is because AI including machines and robots cannot recruit people to our company. However, we use AI to handle several tasks in recruitment and select the appropriate candidate for the task, which can never be done alone by AI.

  2. AI Means No Creativity

    AI involves logical intelligence and reasoning. It does not include the emotional intelligence exhibited by human intelligence. So there is no scope for creativity. It can analyze the data, but never assimilate as our experts.

  3. AI Makes Us More Human

    We all believe that AI only makes users more efficient as human beings. It helps us increase our productivity and lets us focus on our tasks, increasing our performance level, making us humans more efficient.

  4. Creation of New Industry and Jobs

    Are you still worried that AI will lead to the use of machines, making you lose your job? Need not worry, AI today; especially robots are used for doing menial tasks, creating a new industry and complex jobs. These job posts are filled by us letting us work in synchronization with machines.

  5. Lack of Healthcare Problem Solving

    AI can be used in several jobs. But never can resolve problems in healthcare, which can only be done by us humans. It will be decades before AI comes up with a cure for a terminal ailment like cancer, due to a lack of creativity, which is only found in us humans.

Overall, AI will never replace human intelligence; rather it will make us superhuman. So stop worrying about AI and begin working in harmony with artificial intelligence.

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