Why Outsource Engineering?

Posted on December 27, 2013

When engineering or manufacturing companies think about outsourcing, they think about job cuts and work sent overseas. However, this is not entirely true. When outsourcing to India, most engineering companies can leverage numerous benefits that do not result in lost projects or job cuts. Outsourcing engineering can be a win-win situation.

Over the last 15 years, India has been the most ideal destination for engineering services. Whether it is structural engineering, detailing, CAD conversion or cost estimation, you can get almost any engineering work done in India, at an affordable cost and within a fast turnaround time.

Indian engineers are technically superior and have hands-on experience in providing engineering solutions to different industries. By outsourcing engineering services to India, you can be assured of top-notch quality at a reasonable cost, because the cost of labor is very less when compared with the US, UK or Europe.

Outsourcing engineering has numerous benefits

With outsourcing, comes the freedom to invest your time, money and energy into building up your core business processes. Here are some of the advantages that you can enjoy by outsourcing engineering:

  • Outsourcing an engineering project can help you speed up your business. With multiple engineers working on your project, your manufacturing company can bring more products to the market at a quicker pace.
  • Free up your in-house engineers to focus on other projects and enjoy cost and time savings.
  • Outsourcing is a great way to practice load balancing. You can level the peaks and valleys in your company and stabilize your permanent employees.
  • At times, there are engineering specialties that are not central to a company’s core business. In such cases, it makes more sense to outsource such occasional engineering needs, rather than do it in-house.
  • An external service provider will usually have a readily available team of competent engineers than your in-house department
  • Since outsourcing lowers the cost of doing business, your company can efficiently carry out some projects that were not economically viable in the past. This will also help you increase the total volume of your work. You will also be able to see a drastic increase in your manufacturing business.
  • Outsourcing engineering can bring in more creativity to your project. It can also bring in a fresh perspective and help in problem solving.
  • Since every product development project requires a different mix of engineering specialties and skills, using an external team will enable you to form the right team for each engineering project.

Tips on how to manage your outsourced engineering project

Select the right service engineering service provider: Before you outsource any engineering work, make sure that you review multiple proposals from different service providers and ensure that the service provider you choose follows an extensive quality control process.

Communicate regularly: When you outsource an engineering project to India, make sure that you communicate regularly.  The end product will depend on how well you communicated during the course of the project.  Use a communication channel, be it toll free telephone calls, emails or chat messages to address queries, ask for updates or make revisions.  This way, you can stay in sync with your engineering project.

Look for quality: Before you sign an outsourcing contract, make sure that your vendor abides by international standards and the latest codes of practice. Also check if the vendor follows the required legal and safety precautions. Most Indian engineering service providers follow industry standards set by the ACI – (American Concrete Institute), LFRD (Load and Factor Resistance Design), and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). However, always check for discrepancies before you partner with an outsourcing vendor.

To conclude, whether you outsource an engineering project or prefer to do it in-house, make sure that your project is well-defined and has clearly-set deliverables.

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