Why Market Research is Critical to Success of Your Business

Why Market Research is Critical to the Success of your Business?

Posted on October 5, 2012

Did you know that market research can have a direct impact on the success of your business? Without market research you will be unable to make strategic business decisions, understand unmet customer needs or even discover new ideas for services/products.

Market research is process of collecting data on goods and services to evaluate if your product/service will satisfy the needs of your customers. Investing in market research is a great way to spot new market trends, economic shifts, buying habits of customers, demographics and rivals in the market.

How market research can help your business

Here are ten ways market research can help your business:

  • Effectively communicate with your customers and understand their needs better
  • Identify and understand new business opportunities
  • Find out where your products/services are most likely to sell
  • Identify market niches and segments
  • Pinpoint obstacles and problems in your business
  • Determine international and domestic competitors
  • Get to know how to overcome the barriers to your market entry
  • Identify new market trends
  • Establish a fair market price for your product/service
  • Benchmark and evaluate the success of your business

How market research can benefit your company

Market research is an important business tool and can benefit your company in manifold ways, such as:

  • Adopt marketing campaigns that will directly target your potential customers
  • Keep an eye on competitors and devise strategies that will keep your company ahead
  • Track your progress over a period of time and evaluate your performance against competitors
  • Indentify potential problems before launching a product and determine solutions
  • Discover loopholes in product marketing and come up with plans to handle loss or increase profits

The two types of market research

The data collected by market research can be categorized into two types, primary market research and secondary market research. Secondary research can help you identify competitors, perform strategies for benchmarking and determine what you should target in view of population, life style, demographics and behavioural patterns. Primary research can help you monitor sales levels and measure the effectiveness of business practices like communication tools used and service quality.

Make market research a part of your business today

You cannot have a successful company without knowing the right information about your customers, products and the market in general.Market research is a must if you want to survive and thrive in today’s fiercely competitive business market. With the economy becoming more competitive and versatile, market research is the only way you can ensure a successful future for your business.


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