Why is Xamarin a Favored Mobile App Development Platform

Why is Xamarin the Most Favored Mobile App Development Platform?

Posted on July 19, 2018

Incepting out of a reputed family, Microsoft Xamarin has already bagged a good share of 1.12% of the total market share in app development. Even though it is just 2 years old, Xamarin has become a choice for a lot of hybrid app developers. Currently, 40% of the top applications are running on Xamarin making it a highly progressive platform for growth of cross-platform apps.

The unique selling point of Xamarin is that it utilizes local APIs. These APIs make the user interface of the cross-platform apps highly engaging as the ordering is done using the local code. The user interface is a crucial part of the development of a cross-platform app as this is where the user can differentiate it from the native app experience. Xamarin operational excellence in using APIs covers up the existence of a non-native app and makes the user feel as if they are using a native application instead.

There are various other factors that have led to the popularity of Xamarin as a very potent solution, let’s look at the same below:

  1. Use C++ to Develop Apps on Xamarin

    An advantage of Xamarin is that developers need not learn a new language to cover up the app development of Android, iOS, and Windows platform in one go. C++ has remained a highly popular programming language for apps and Xamarin users can harness their existing hold of C++ to develop intuitive and usable apps.

  2. Code Once and Use Everywhere

    Use of Xamarin saves cross-platform coders a lot of time as they just need to code once and that can be put into multiple software development kits to work on multiple platforms. The code is shareable on Xamarin.

  3. Multiple Platform Ease of Testing

    You may have worked on cross-platform platforms, which make it possible to develop a single code for running apps on multiple devices but Xamarin takes it to the next level as you can test with around 2000 devices. It becomes less time-consuming when the testing is integrated into the same platform where coding is done.

  4. Less Prone to Bugs

    Wondering how a platform can be less prone to bug introduction? It must depend on developer skills right? With Xamarin you get access to an existing library of functional code that can be used to expedite the coding without exposing yourself to any risks of adding bugs in between.

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Check out the market feed and you will realize that Xamarin has created its own niche in the development of business apps where it takes a potent share of 4.36%. The niche itself proclaims the degree of excellence Xamarin brings to the users. It is a progressive platform with an active community that is pushing it towards being the king of cross-platform development. At present, there are around 0.84% of the new apps being developed on Xamarin.

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