Why is the Demand for Video Analytics Increasing?

Why is the Demand for Video Analytics Increasing?

Posted on May 28, 2020

In the age of public safety, video analytics is becoming the trend, which every other individual is looking forward to. Video analytics, also known as intelligent video analytics is a software that is used to monitor video streams in near real-time. While monitoring the videos, the software identifies attributes, events, or patterns of specific behavior via video analysis of monitored environments. It is designed to meet the need for increased surveillance video that a security guard will not offer.

How does it work?

The video analytics software is available form installed on camera and NVR. Each version of the software comes with different features, but does the same thing. Moreover, the setting of this software also differs accordingly. For example, many business owners use surveillance systems for detecting motion in the store. Using video analytics, even if your business shutter is down, the video system will still give you the result.

How does it help?

In the traditional video surveillance method, the single person on the booth viewed the video. However, with the video management software this thing is changed. Using the software to monitor your video feeding around the clock, it alerts you to the activity so you can watch it when anything happens.

Video analytics is used for-

  • Motion detection
  • Facial recognition & license plate reading
  • People counting & dwell time monitoring for retail stores
  • Recognizing long lines at checkout and sending an alert

Apart from security reasons, this video analytic software is also used for non-security reasons. The application helps end-users to measure the flow of certain people’s exit and entry.

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