Why Do You Need to Invest in SEM?

Why Do You need to Invest in SEM?

Posted on May 18, 2017

SEM (Search Engine Marketing), also popularly known as Pay Per Click, is a type of paid marketing carried out on search engines to drive targeted traffic to a website and to increase the search engine visibility of a website.

The search results of Google are divided into two sections, organic and paid search results. Thus, whenever, any user puts a query in Google, the paid search results are shown on the top of the organic search results, and thus, users are likely to click on the paid results as they are on the top organic search results. Thus, SEM puts your business at the top of the ones which have high search engine rankings. Undeniably, it’s the best way to drive niche specific search engine visitors to your website.

Why Invest in Search Engine Marketing?

Here are the top reasons signifying why investing in SEM can increase your ROI significantly:

  1. SEM Helps You Attract Huge Traffic Influx

    It is an established fact that over 95% search engine users don’t go beyond the first page of the search results. Thus, if a business cannot make it to the first page, it cannot get organic traffic. This can be a big problem if your business niche is a highly competitive one and there are industry-wide competitors of your business who are doing very well with organic search optimization.

    In such scenarios, you can use SEM to drive targeted traffic to your website, make the search engine users (who align to your business’ advertisement) redirect to your website and become potential customers.

  2. A Large Percentage of Online Users Use Online Search to Find About Brands and Services

    The statistics show that search engines are among the most popular tools used by the users to find about products and services online. Thus, if you are not leveraging the potential of a search engine, you are certainly losing a big number of potential customers.

    The cost of acquiring a customer is very high, and SEM allows you to attract the prospects and subsequently, acquire them at a much lower price.

  3. SEM is Measurable

    The problem with most of the online marketing campaigns is that it becomes very difficult to find out about the extent they are delivering the desired results. But unlike these marketing channels, SEM can be quantified and the results delivered by it are measurable.

    With SEM, you can accurately calculate exactly how many people were convinced by your ad and how many of them actually got converted into customers. This way, one can easily evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing campaign, while comprehending that whether it is profitable to run the campaign or not, and at the same time, what are the ways in which the campaign can be improvised.

Choose Flatworld Solutions for Custom SEM Services

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