Where is the Indian IT outsourcing industry heading to in 2013?

Posted on January 4, 2013

Leading outsourcing observers and business analysts have predicted that 2013 will be a much better year for India’s $100 billion IT industry. With more businesses investing in technology and with the recent improvements in the economic environment, the year of 2013 will be better than 2012.

When compared to last year, the global economy has improved, especially in the US. China and India have been improving at a fast pace. Outsourcing experts feel that the IT industry will have a better 2013 with the improvement in the global economy.

Outsourcing experts have said that the flat IT budget and the current uncertain macro environment will continue to pose as challenges for the Indian IT-BPO industry. However, with technology becoming more critical to the lives of corporates, 2013 may turn out to be a good year for India’s IT industry.

In 2012, the Indian IT industry had to deal with factors like hikes in borrowing costs, weakening rupee, geo-political situations and high production input prices. In fact, NASSCOM was forced to lower the growth forecast for 2012-2013 (BPO and IT exports) to 11-14% from the previous fiscal target set at 16-18%.

Indian IT companies are all geared up to face the new year of 2013 by embracing new technologies like cloud computing, social media and analytics to maximize efficiency in the business environment within lower-than-usual IT budgets.

Why outsource IT to India in 2013?

  • India is still the world’s second largest exporter of IT and software services
  • India continues to remain as the source of technical/management talent for over 40% of new start ups in the US
  • India has the most number of ISO 9000 certified IT and software companies than any other country in the world
  • India’s IT and software talent comes at an affordable cost
  • Almost half the world’s Fortune 500 companies now use Indian IT services
  • India is all set to become the IT giant of the new Millennium, with over 4 million technically trained professionals, heavy government support and leading world class IT companies
  • Companies in the US have rated India as the number one choice for outsourcing IT services

Whether you plan on outsourcing application development/ maintenance, mobile application development, enterprise service or system software development, almost any IT service can be successfully handled by an Indian service provider.

Give your business a competitive edge in 2013, by choosing India for IT services.


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