What you need to know about HR Outsourcing

Posted on August 17, 2012

Whatever be your organization’s HR (Human Resource) requirements, you can find an HR outsourcing company to meet your specific needs. There are mainly two types of HR outsourcing firms. While some HR outsourcing firms are generalists and offer an entire gamut of HR services, there are other firms who are specialists and stick to specific HR areas, such as recruiting or payroll processing.  Depending on how much control you want to have over your HR processes and the size of your business, you can decide to outsource all your HR functions or only outsource a few specific HR services.

Services offered by HR outsourcing firms

Here is a list of some of the basic services that an HR outsourcing firm can handle:

  • Overseeing your staffing requirements and general organizational structure
  • Handling recruitment, training and development
  • Tracking the goals, strategies and objectives of your departments
  • Providing manager and employee training
  • Organizing employee orientation programs
  • Handling your company’s benefit administration tasks
  • Handling employee relations
  • Managing payroll processing
  • Handling worker’s compensation
  • Implementing a HRIS (human resource information system)
  • Creating and updating policy manuals and employee handbooks
  • Developing and implementing a compensation program
  • Writing and updating affirmative action plans
  • Creating and reviewing a performance appraisal system

Why outsource HR?

Generally small to midsize businesses that have employees between 30 to 2,000 employees, choose to outsource HR as it helps them focus on core business functions and relieves them of their HR responsibilities. HR outsourcing also helps companies to easily handle administrative overloads.

Outsourcing HR can provide key advantages, such as:

  • Improved employee relations
  • Lower operating costs
  • Services of skilled HR professionals whose specialty is HR
  • Improved performance of your HR system
  • Increased overall performance of your organization
  • Elimination of redundant non-core HR functions

How HR outsourcing helps

HR outsourcing can help your company is more than one way:

  • Outsourcing HR can help your company to serve your employees better
  • HR outsourcing can identify inefficient HR practices and administration processes within your company
  • An experienced HR firm can identify non-value adding HR activities and remove hidden HR operation costs, thereby reducing your HRM (Human Resource Management) cost base

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