What is Mechanical Modeling?

Posted on August 30, 2013

Do you have a notion or a rough drawing in mind that you’d want to present to your team? Mechanical modeling allows you to do so now. Mechanical modeling is the process of turning 2D drawings, sketches, or conceptions into actual 3D models. India, front runner in mechanical engineering services, can turn your goods or designs into 3D mechanical animations that are tailored to your particular needs.

Aside from significant cost reductions, outsourcing 3D mechanical modeling to India may provide you with access to skilled 3D modelers, drafters, and engineers. Indian mechanical engineers are not only skilled in 3D modeling, but also have a broad understanding of how to use the software.

Types of mechanical modeling services offered in India

  1. Product modeling

    An object may be given a lifelike appearance with the help of product modeling. Product modeling includes product analysis, material specification, 3D modeling, rendering, product material application, and fast prototyping. While creating the prototype model, Indian mechanical service providers rigorously follow customer specifications, ensuring that the final 3D model precisely fits the customer’s requirements. The following are some examples of product modeling services that may be outsourced to India –

    • Jigs and fixtures modeling
    • Glass component modeling
    • Mechanical parts and products
    • Prototypes
    • Freeform surface modeling
    • Plastic moldings
    • Electronic component modeling
    • Machine modeling
  2. Machine modeling

    India is well-known for its competence in the field of machine modeling. Mechanical experts with experience in India may design and build replacement parts, items, and machine components, among other things, to give the model a genuine feel. Furthermore, Indian mechanical service providers such as Flatworld Solutions make every effort to guarantee that their mechanical modeling services meet international standards. Simply submit your specs, and an Indian team will conceptualize, develop, and model the machine component to your exact specifications. The following are some examples of machine modeling services that may be outsourced to India –

    • 3D parametric modeling
    • 3D solid modeling
    • Part modeling
    • Automotive modeling
    • Assembly modeling
    • Wireframe geomodeling

7 advantages of outsourcing mechanical modeling to India

The advantages of partnering with an Indian service provider for mechanical modeling services are numerous. Here are a few examples –

  1. Mechanical modeling designs that are flexible and adjustable to meet your company’s specific needs
  2. Access to mechanical engineers, modelers, and drafters with extensive knowledge in mechanical modeling
  3. Affordably priced best-in-class mechanical modeling services
  4. Three-tier security (network, staff, and location) to ensure that your information is kept private and secure.
  5. Adherence to international mechanical modeling standards
  6. Due to India’s 12-hour time zone difference, mechanical modeling services are provided quickly.
  7. Use of the most up-to-date mechanical modeling tools, technology, and software

Outsource Mechanical Modeling Services to Flatworld Solutions

Make your business stand out from the crowd by partnering with India for your mechanical modeling needs.

Have you ever outsourced something before? If so, how was your outsourcing experience? Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about outsourcing or India. Flatworld Solutions will be delighted to hear from you!

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