What are Top Business Intelligence Trends for Future

What are the Top Business Intelligence Trends for the Future?

Posted on May 31, 2018

Business intelligence solutions are driven by the urge to serve the customers better. The solutions and trends of business intelligence translate the business data into intelligent insights that chisels out business strategies. These systems will deliver value to the sales, marketing, and development teams.

The business intelligence tools will continue to help businesses predict the outcomes of a campaign, make future forecasts, and render human-like intelligence to their operations.

2017 has witnessed a lot of emphasis on building solutions that drive business in an intelligent manner and we are all set to pave steps into a disruptive business world with the following trends:

  • Machine Learning Will Flourish

    Have you interacted with an AI-driven Chatbot? It is phenomenal how a software program understands the intent of the customer, derives insights from it, and offers his recommendations. With around 30% of the Chatbot users voting for using Chatbot in case of emergencies, it makes it evident that the customers are ready to board the Machine learning wagon. Influencing the markets and recommending products to users as per their interaction, machine learning is leading into the era of business intelligent tools.

  • Use of Natural Language Processing to Rise

    Voice assistants are a perfect use case of Natural Language Processing-driven by deep learning algorithms. They make the software intelligent enough to understand the voice and comprehend data from the voice interaction. The data is then channelized by the algorithms and predictive analysis is used to determine what the customer is exactly looking for. Isn’t it a terrific tool to drive sales?

  • Internet of Things to Provide Deep Business Insight

    With the evolution of technology, AI, and hardware enhancement, IoT has seen an upsurge in developing business intelligence solutions. Data from multiple devices is collected and deep business insights are drawn from the same. It leads to better understanding of how the customers want a business to perform or offer.

  • Data Engineering to Gain Popularity

    The massive amount of data is available with enterprises and this data is stored in data lakes. The data engineers are developing precise tools that are inherently intelligent to deliver deep insights from this data, leading to more successful campaigns.

  • Multi-cloud Strategy to be Utilized

    2018 until now has witnessed the crowd shifting towards a multi-cloud strategy where the SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are ideally mixed together to implement solutions that will avoid vendor lock and offer sufficient technical resources to drive business intelligence solutions. The massive data lakes of IaaS and use based SaaS can be deployed in business for better growth.

Moving ahead, it is evident from the trends that technology is disrupting the ways businesses will grow in the near future. With AI capabilities baked into business solutions, we are expecting a tremendous intelligent automation of business process.

Empowering enterprises with Business intelligent solutions is the right way for a business to grow and flourish. BI is much more than report generation, it is software that is capable of human-like intelligence and derives insights from the data that adds value to the business.

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