What are the Most Popular Testing Frameworks?

What Are the Most Popular Testing Frameworks?

Posted on July 11, 2019

So, as we all know that a framework hints at the best of practices or rules that can be followed in a systematic manner to obtain the desired results. Are you on a lookout for the most effective and popular testing frameworks for fulfilling the requisites or objectives of automation projects? If yes, then take out some time to delve in the following tête-à-tête to know more in this regard:

  1. Modular Testing Framework
    In case of this kind of framework, the professional testers generally produce scripts on module wise simply by rending an entire application under different independent tests. The testers are required to divide the application into different modules for creating test scripts individually. Upon being combined together, these individual test scripts can produce larger test scripts using a mater script to obtain the desired scenarios.
  2. Linear Scripting Framework
    This is one of the most fundamental level test frameworks, which is usually obtained in the ‘Record and Playback’ form. Also known as ‘Record and Playback’ framework, this is used for testing the applications that are small in size. Using this framework, a test script can be created and executed individually for every test case.
  3. Data-Driven Framework
    A framework of this kind emphasizes dividing different test data and test scripts logic from each other. Using this test data, you can always keep the test data sets in external resources or files like MMS Excel Sheets, MS Access Tables, XML Files, MS Data Tables, etc. This test script can connect to numerous external resources for getting the test data. Counting on this framework, in particular, you can test different scripts compared to the module-based frameworks.
  4. Keyword-Driven Framework for Testing
    Not many people know that a table-driven action or testing word is based on testing. In the case of keyword-driven testing, a table format is usually used to depict differently actions or keywords for every method or function, which are needed to be executed. It also helps in performing automation test scripts that are based on keywords specified in an excel sheet. If you are looking to build test automation scripts in spite of having very limited programming knowledge, the keyword-driven framework is something that you must count on. One of the best parts of using this kind of framework is that the important actions and keywords are mentioned in the external excel sheet, which is placed in the prime class.
  5. Hybrid-Driven Framework
    An interesting fact about hybrid-driven test automation framework is that it’s a concoction of two or even more frameworks mentioned in the write-up above. It strives to increase the power and benefits of several other frameworks for a specific test environment it deals with. Most of the professional testers are developing this framework in the market today.
  6. Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Testing Framework
    One of the central purposes of using this kind of framework is to dish out a platform for developers, business analysts, and testers to partake actively. It needs an increased level of collaboration between the testing and development teams. While using this framework, the testers are not needed to have an acquaintance with any programming language. Today the market is thronging with a legion of behavior driven development testing frameworks.

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