What are the Key Benefits of GraphQL Development?

What are the Key Benefits of GraphQL Development?

Posted on April 29, 2021

When it comes to managing data using a modern application, most of the application requires:

  • Distinct front-end clients for multiple platforms, each carrying different data requirement
  • Backend serving data to clients from multiple sources
  • Complex state and cache management

To overcome these challenges, users can adopt GraphQL. Its declarative model helps the user to create a consistent and predictable API that you can use across all your clients. Moreover, you can add, remove and migrate to back-end data stores. One of the best features of GraphQL is the benefit it offers to developers. It’s straightforward to add new types to the API. This allows designing, developing, and deploying features quickly.

Before we learn more about the GraphQL benefits, let us check what exactly it is.

What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is the language for querying databases from client-side applications. In simpler words, it redefines developers’ work using API offering flexibility and speed to the market. It helps in improving client-server interactions by enabling the former to make precise data requests.

GraphQL was created in 2012 by Facebook and was used internally for their mobile applications. In the current situation, GraphQL vendor-neutral foundation will empower the GraphQL community:

  • Increasing financial and intellectual investment for developing infrastructure
  • Handling Legal issues
  • Organizing events, and working groups
  • Enabling widespread adoption

Some of the advantages GraphQL offers are:

  • Fit for Complex Systems and Microservices
    With the integration of multiple systems behind the API, GraphQL helps in bringing down the complexity. The GraphQL server is responsible for fetching the data from the existing systems and packaging it up in the GraphQL.
  • Gathering data using Single API Call
    GraphQL focuses more on tasks and the developer can request the data by using just one API call. The server will take care of filtering back-end data to return exactly what we ask for.
  • Powerful Tool
    GraphQL carries strong typing and in-built support for introspection which makes it more powerful. By using tools, you can do things like –

    • Exploring the full structure of a schema
    • Composing new operations with live validation and Autocomplete
  • Production Readiness
    Right after Facebook published the original specification in 2015, the adoption of GraphQL raised steadily. GraphQL scales with the requirements of the largest organizations because of its powerful tooling and its compatibility with the federated architecture- Apollo Federation.

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