What Are the Different Styles of Illustrations?

What Are the Different Styles of Illustrations?

Posted on April 16, 2020

Visuals are the most important element of any presentation that impresses human minds the most. It all depends on an illustrator and his/her style that tells stories and imbibes an idea into the minds of a viewer. This is where the importance of an illustrator can be felt in terms of anything designed digitally these days.

Different Styles of Illustrations

Illustrations are broadly divided into the two following segments.

1. Traditional Illustrations Styles

Woodcutting, cave paintings, etc were the first of this kind. The leading styles that are still practiced are lithography, woodcutting, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, pencil, and pen & ink illustrations.

These illustration methods are adopted to deliver hand-drawn expressions. The technical diagrams and drawings of the elements in a particular illustration provide an excellent medium to communicate thoughts and input new ideas.

Handmade illustrations are the foundation of representing ideas. It has evolved since the dawn of civilization. People started documenting events, ideas, and actions on different mediums.

2. Modern Illustration Styles

These modern illustration styles emerged with the digitization of such designing and drawing processes. Nowadays, digital artists have excellent apps and tools to provide a brilliant illustration of their ideas and thoughts. The types of modern illustrations are:

  • Freehand Illustration
    A tablet or stylus is used to use a digital pen and ink for illustration. The imaginations are given proper shape and colors so that viewers can understand the message behind it.
  • Vector Illustration
    This is rather a scientific illustration approach. This is a way of representing an idea in 3D coordinates to give it a real shape. The ideas can be represented perfectly. Logos, website elements, graphics, etc can be designed well.

Artwork needs a proper medium to represent an idea. The thoughts or ideas are represented on a canvas or a digital platform to communicate. The designer will communicate his/her ideas to the client and will understand what he needs.

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