5 Must Have Web Development Tools

5 Must Have Web Development Tools To Improve Your Site Performance

Posted on December 10, 2015

Being a creative web developer takes much more than mere web development skills. It’s a broad field where one needs to develop a comprehensive skill set for developing websites with enhanced performance and stunning graphics. However, even the most experienced web developers face issues with coding and development techniques. There are however many tools which can help developers achieve productivity and cover time lapses.

The top 5 web development tools which can improve the performance of a website are:

  1. HTML Entity Character LookUp Tool
    This tool helps in ensuring that all the characters which appear on the web pages are validated. It also allows to search the entity base on the basis of its looks and in order to do so, it searches the entire list of HTML entities for matches with the character that is searched the most. Easily available as a Firefox plugin, this tool possesses a broad array of attractive features which make it worth using.
  2. Basecamp
    Basecamp is a project management tool which has been specifically designed for the web designers. It allows the web designers to manage and collaborate the entire project with comfort and ease. It can efficiently integrate with the mail and can run on clouds on the secured servers. Since its launch, it has been accepted by the web designing industry worldwide for its incredible set of features.
  3. Fontello
    Fontello is an astounding tool that facilitates spawning of the icons in a simple manner in the form of web font. This app allows the developers to pick up the icons which they want for compiling into the customized web fonts. Moreover, you can change and customize the codes and symbol names.
  4. Cloud9 IDE
    This cloud-oriented tool enables the developers to collaborate easily with other developers on larger scale development projects, also allowing them to code and make changes simultaneously. Using this tool developers can code and chat at the same time. Besides, the tool has been equipped with features including FTP integration, smart drag and drop document trees. These features make the coding in real time much flexible and easier for the developers. It powers the workspaces with the Docker Ubuntu containers which provide the developers with the freedom over the development environment.
  5. Foundation
    Considering the significance and the requirement to develop responsive websites, Foundation, a contemporary responsive front-end framework has been introduced as a prototyping tool for the developers. Using this amazing tool, the developers can easily code for the responsive websites. This tool acts as the blueprint for developing unique responsive designs for the websites. It is compatible with both SASS and CSS, and provides an easy grid structure to facilitate highly flexible and convenient styling.

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