Why Use QuickBooks for your Business?

Posted on January 18, 2015

Are you on the verge of choosing an accounting system for your business? If yes, read more about the usability, flexibility and comprehensiveness that QuickBooks offers.

If you are looking for an accounting system, you will be faced with several choices. Though there are a host of accounting software programs that offer different benefits, it is QuickBooks that stands out from the crowd and proves to be the ultimate financial package. Apart from QuickBooks being robust enough to process and report all of your financial transactions, it also eliminates the requirement to use multiple software packages. Most important of all, it gives you the power to maintain all your financial records with ease.

Benefit # 1: An all-in-one package

If you opt for QuickBooks, you will not have to keep buying separate programs, for producing invoices, managing your payroll or handling job-costing. QuickBooks includes a wide range of integrated sub-systems, that can help your business effectively manage your Accounting Payables, Payroll, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Management Reporting, Accounts Receivables, Management Reporting and General Ledger to name a few.

Benefit # 2: Minimizes your data entry work

QuickBooks can help you drastically reduce your data entry work. With lesser month-end balancing and reconciling steps to carry out, you can easily manage the integrity of your data. With the use of QuickBooks, you can be assured that your accounting will always be correct with minimal extra work. Instead of worrying about accounting, you can now channel your valuable time into building your business.

Benefit # 3: Enjoy greater flexibility

The problem with other accounting systems is that it cannot be customized. This is not the case of QuickBooks as the software offers a lot of flexibility. With your changing business needs, the software too can adapted to match your changing requirements. At present, you may want to your financial information organized in one way. In the future, you may require a completely new perspective. Whatever be your specific business need, QuickBooks can be customized to meet it. The following is a list of the customizable options that the software offers.

  • Drag and drop any of your accounts from one position to another
  • Merge, group or subtotal your accounts
  • Generate management reports to showcase a summary of information or to pinpoint critical information regarding cost estimates or job costs
  • Create financial reports to use for tax or banking purposes
  • Filter your reports to display only certain amount of data
  • Create several customizable templates for your business forms like purchase orders, statements or invoices
  • Segregate and create a subtotal of your overhead costs

Are you ready to get started with QuickBooks?

At Flatworld Solutions, we can help you effectively use QuickBooks for your business. Our QuickBooks services are specially designed to help you leverage all the advantages that this software offers. From how to use QuickBooks to how to improving your accounting system, we can help you make the most out of QuickBooks. It is time your business enjoys a better future, through accurate accounting. Read more about our accounting services to get started.

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