Why Use Qualitative Research for your Business?

Posted on January 25, 2015

Have you ever wondered what Qualitative Research is all about and if you should use it for your business? Read on to know more about Qualitative Research and its benefits.

Defining qualitative research

Qualitative research is a popular research method that is used across various sectors, be it in social science or market research. A qualitative researcher primarily aims at gathering a comprehensive understanding of human behaviour and the reasons behind such behaviour.

The science behind this type of research assumes that among individuals, there is a relationship between attitude and behaviour. Qualitative research is an essential tool in data collection and can prove to be extremely useful in market research.

How is data collected for qualitative research?

Data is usually collected through direct interaction with individuals on a one-to-one basis or through direct interaction with individuals in a group setting. Since the data collection process in qualitative research is time-consuming, qualitative research can be expensive. However, the information will be accurate and will also give you a deeper insight into the subject that you are researching.

Popular methods in conducting qualitative data

Focus groups, individual interviews, observations, and action research are some of the popular methods used in qualitative data collection.

Benefits of using qualitative research

  1. Produces great results

    Through qualitative research, you can easily prove or disprove a hypothesis after you have finished with data collection.

  2. Effective data analysis

    Qualitative research can be effective in conducting extensive data analysis and arriving at a comprehensive result. Qualitative experiments are also a great way to eliminate external factors and arrive at findings that are both reliable and unbiased.

  3. Extensive experiments can be conducted

    With qualitative research, you have the freedom to conduct extensive experiments and then analyze the results obtained from the experiments. You can then determine if the results are reliable.

  4. Useful in deciphering complex phenomena

    Using qualitative research methods can not only help you explain complex occurrences but can also help you to come up with the right hypotheses to explain the phenomena.

  5. Creates openness among individuals

    Qualitative research methods create a sense of openness among individuals and enable them to expand on their responses. Qualitative questionnaires ask individuals to not only respond to the questions but also to express their feelings and emotions.

  6. Get access to in-depth information

    Since qualitative research records the feelings, behaviours, and attitudes of individuals, you will get access to information that is not only detailed but also unbiased and unreliable. Such in-depth information can be extremely useful in data analysis.

How to get started with qualitative market research?

At Flatworld Solutions, we can help you use qualitative market research for your business requirements and provide you with accurate data. Through our qualitative research services, you can find out more about what your customers want and create new products/services that will address their needs. Read more about our qualitative research services.

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