Train your Staff with Effective E-learning Programs

Posted on December 14, 2012

If you are to ask your employees about their experiences of learning at school, you can be sure to hear everything about boring lectures, strenuous hours of classroom work or strict teachers. When you train your employees on new processes or projects, it need not be the same way. With the concept of E-learning, the learning process at work can be transformed into something that is fun, innovative, interactive and easy to understand. However, if e-learning is not one of your core strengths, then it is best outsourced to a professional service provider who can design, develop and deploy an interactive e-learning program for your staff.

There are a wide range of e-learning solutions

Today, e-learning companies in India offer a wide array of e-learning solutions like Computer Based Training (CBT), Instructor Led Trainings (ITL), Simulations, Web Based Training (WBT), custom-built e-learning software, self-paced learning tutorials, online product demos, product tutorials and online courses amongst others.

Benefits of outsourcing e-learning to India

When you outsource e-learning to India, your company can leverage the following benefits:

  • E-learning programs are much more affordable and more effective than organizing expensive out-of-town training programs. Your company can save on the cost of hotel bills, airfare and phone calls
  • Since e-learning programs are interactive in nature, it is the best method of learning for online product demos and corporate training programs
  • You can get an experienced team of qualified instructional designers, content developers and creative animators to work on your training programs
  • With e-learning services, you have the complete freedom to choose the most-suitable learning material, learning methodology and e-learning software
  • Indian e-learning companies like Flatworld Solutions can provide you with tailor-made e-learning solutions for all your corporate trainings, performance gaps or product developments
  • You can easily provide a standardized e-learning program for your sales team spread over different locations
  • By opting for an e-learning training program, you can give your employees flexibility to choose their time and place of learning
  • Indian e-learning companies have expertise in using a wide range of development tools that include Dreamweaver, Macromedia Fireworks, Learn2 StreamMaker, Sound Forge, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Authorware and Adobe Premiere amongst others

Effective e-learning programs can have a positive impact on your company

With e-learning content that is interesting, interactive and engaging your employees will definitely enjoy their learning experience. Your staff will successfully put into practice what they have learnt from their e-learning course. This will result in better productivity and increased efficiency at your workplace. Why not give your employees a fun way to learn today? Try outsourcing e-learning to India today.


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  1. Chandan@CommlabIndia

    Nice post . I would like say that e-Learning is a boon for Multinational organizations as it is helping them to save a considerable amount of money and time when contrasted with routine Instructor Led Training (ILT).


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