How Augmented Reality is Changing Our Lives

Top Ways in Which Augmented Reality is Changing Our Lives

Posted on August 31, 2017

Augmented Reality (AR), which differs significantly from VR (Virtual Reality), gives a live “direct or indirect” view of the “real world” or physical environment in which various entities are “augmented” by extracting real-world sensory input or computer generated graphics.

Unlike VR which creates a completely virtual environment, the AR leverages the real environment around the user and superimposes it with a computer-generated image while overlaying it with new & useful information.

Like other technologies, the AR is also being used by the companies to improve the lives of people by facilitating various applications and AR powered tools. Here are the top ways in which AR is changing the lives of people:

  1. AR in Safety and Rescue Operations

    One of the top implementations of AR technology is in the safety and rescue operations where the first responders can be presented with a comprehensive overlay of information about the environment. With the help of augmented reality, a 3D map of the area can be generated to equip the first responders with as much information as possible. It would certainly bring a never-before transparency to the incident’s scene.

    The AR companies like DAQRI have taken a step ahead in this field and are focused on helping construction and on-site manufacturing workers with AR enabled smart helmets, through which the workers can see relevant and actionable data whenever and wherever they find it.

  2. AR To Enhance the Shopping Experience

    The market sector which will benefit the most with AR is the retail and the omnichannel commerce sector. The retail owners try to put as much innovation as possible in retail to increase their sales, and product visualization enabled by AR might change the industry forever.

    While in store, the customers can use the AR powered apps to check the detailed display information and many other visuals related to packaged items by simply scanning one image. AR can clearly exhibit how a product would look, and in the e-Commerce space, AR enabled apps can help the customers try products at home before purchasing them.

    For instance, if you want to purchase a lamp shade, you can try placing it virtually at the desired place with the help of an AR app to see how it would look in reality before actually purchasing it.

  3. AR in the Entertainment Domain

    Augmented reality in the field of entertainment and online gaming has received huge acceptance and the use of AR in the gaming sector will only increase in future.

    Everyone must remember the game “Pokémon Go” which was the largest rollout of AR for mass consumption. Now, the AR companies are busy innovating advanced AR headsets, which are all set to explore a tech revolution.

  4. AR for Urban Exploration

    One of the underlying applications of the AR is urban exploration. AR has the capability to completely revamp the way we navigate the world, whether you are outdoors on the road or highway, or indoor in a store like Walmart.

    The new age cars are expected to present a clear depiction of the direction without the need to look at the road and the indoor navigation can help you find specific products in a supermarket. Like if you are looking for milk, you might need directions which an AR app can provide and help you reach the milk.

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