Top Translation Trends for 2018

Top Translation Trends for 2018

Posted on August 24, 2017

As e-learning is facilitating flexible learning solutions, most people are turning to online courses to save time and learn at their own pace. As e-learning is gradually becoming one of the primary ways of learning across the globe, it’s the right time that language should also stop acting as a barrier. Owing to the high demand of e-learning courses in multiple languages, the translation for several e-learning courses in multiple languages is becoming a top trend these days.

Similarly, multi-national companies are also giving greater significance to translation services and require them on a large scale. As translation is becoming one of the most demanded services these days, let’s take a look at the top trends in translation that will dominate 2018 and years to come.

Top 5 Translation Trends for 2018

  1. Machine Translation Tools Will be in High Demand

    As AI and machine learning are getting embraced by businesses worldwide, many organizations have started developing tools based on machine learning for translation. The tools like “Translation Memory” and the one which has been recently developed by Google are capable of performing the translation in multiple languages with greater ease and efficiency.

  2. Video Translation Will Become Prominent

    As videos are becoming a hot trend these days, the content for e-learning courses and other videos which are being used on social media and other channels require to be translated into different languages. There would be a high demand for video translation in the coming years as well.

  3. Translation-based Apps Would Be In Vogue

    As most of the companies operate from diverse locations across the globe, it becomes important for them to be able to understand the local and other languages which are primarily used by the people in the organization. The translation based apps can make it easier for people to easily understand a foreign language, and thus, apps facilitating multi-lingual translation would be in great demand in the coming future.

  4. Multilingual Courses will Significantly Increase

    As the internet is becoming easily accessible in most parts of the world, every business organization is trying to reach the potential customers in every nook and corner of the globe. At the same time, the demand for e-learning courses and other content which is delivered through the internet is increasing in a small number for diverse languages. This trend is bound to continue in the years ahead and we would witness a significant increase in the multilingual courses delivered across the online platforms.

  5. Translation Between Languages Would Become A Necessity

    Owing to the internet and social networking platforms, the geographical borders are diminishing and businesses are targeting customers in all parts of the world. Now, as every organization is trying to operate globally, the translation between the languages would soon become a necessity.

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