Top JavaScript Frameworks you Should know for 2020

Top JavaScript Frameworks You Should Know for 2020

Posted on September 5, 2019

There are several options when it comes to choosing the best of JavaScript frameworks. Amidst a legion of JavaScript frameworks claiming to fame, it could be a tad difficult for you to narrow down at the finest options. In the following write-up, we have dug out a handful of options in JavaScript frameworks that are going to rule the roost in 2020. Have a look –

  1. Angular
    This full-featured framework is mainly used by high-end corporate agencies. It’s blessed with premium documentation, which has made it the go-to JavaScript framework for the modern developers. To use this framework, one does not need to learn about any additional libraries. The top-most benefits of Angular include large eco-system, a whole set of tools, top-tier programming style, premium code generation, etc.
  2. React
    Another JavaScript framework that has created a stirring ripple all across the globe is React. It is an excellent JavaScript library maintained and developed by Facebook. If the recent sets of research are to be believed then React is supreme in terms of quality. Flexibility, compact yet full size, compatibility for all kinds of libraries, etc. make React a highly sought-after framework.
  3. Vue
    Since the moment it came into being, Vue has taken the world by storm. Some of the core benefits of this framework include small learning curve, less-complicated setup, easy integration with several other programming languages, and the likes. However, objectively this framework is yet to go many miles to compete with Angular and React.
  4. Node.js
    Node.js has been proclaimed as the best back-end framework by the developers worldwide. With this cross-platform software, a developer can create high-performance and light-weight applications. Node.js is praise-worthy due to its simple application scalability, which works in both vertical and horizontal positions. It’s easy to learn as well. It can be used as single software for programming as well.
  5. Express.js
    Even though Express.js is usually used being combined with Node.js, this framework has manifold features which should not be overlooked. It has garnered oodles of appreciations owing to its simplicity, flexibility, extensibility, high-performance, etc.
  6. Redux
    When it comes to managing the state of an application, the name of Redux shod pop in your head. The major task of this framework is to upgrade the indicators and keep up with relevance. Redux is mainly responsible for pressing buttons, updating visual information for the audiences, controlling over the executions of action and returning the page to general view.

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2 thoughts on “Top JavaScript Frameworks You Should Know for 2020

  1. Owlypixel

    Great summary. Another interesting component framework you didn’t mention is Svelte. For someone who used React and Vue, this relatively new framework would look familiar since it presents the same idea of building an app out of components.
    The big difference is that it actually disappears after compiling your app into a highly optimized package of best practices. So, you basically not shipping a whole framework to the client.


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