Top Graphic Design Predictions to Watch Out For

Top Graphics Design Predictions to Watch Out For

Posted on July 12, 2018

Visual impressions are everlasting and that is why 2018 is witnessing quite some changes in the graphic design landscape. The core essence of graphic designing is to stay innovative and experiment. It is important to keep up with the trends and that is why this guide brings you the latest designing trends that will garner a lot of attention and create the impressions you desire.

Some of the top graphic designs trends to watch out for include:

  1. Glitch Art

    Art has no limits in terms of its creative bend, and that is when we find a corrupted-looking image making waves in the graphic design world. In this form of design, the original image is physically manipulated using designing software that renders an incredibly distorted look to the image.

  2. Duo Tones

    Duo tones are the art where two strong and visually extreme tones of colors are used to create a two-toned image. As it was a printing technique that received appreciation long back, it has found its place in software programs, wherein it can be used to create variants in tones and bring life to an image. Bold colors create a better tone.

  3. Color Channels Art

    Do you or your audiences like the illusions or the colors exhibited by the holograms? Then, color channel art is the right one for you. Herein, multiple shapes and contrast colors come together to build illusions and make the graphics even more interesting.

  4. Double Light Art

    Right graphics is all about colors and light. When double colored lights fall on an object it creates a new art form. 2018 is going to witness a huge graphic designing trend in dual light art where the images will look edgier and chic with this double effect.

  5. Bold Typography

    Calligraphy attained its digital version with typography. It is the best artistic style to get a look that goes along for many years without going out of style. Imagining the right typography, colors and hues make sure the end result will be an eye-catcher.

  6. Negative Space Effect

    This negative space effect has found its potential in both typography and imagery. They evoke a very different type of emotion in the viewer, emphasizing the core elements of the image of typography without any other aspect being the focus.

  7. Colorful 3D Feel

    3D graphic designs have always been an absolute winner. When color is added to the 3D effect, the result is completely phenomenal making it an instant hit. As one of the hottest trends of 2018, the colorful 3D art is going to make more designers experiment with it.

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