Top Five Elements of An E-commerce Website

Posted on September 13, 2015

What should you include when you create/optimize an e-commerce website? Here are five essential elements that every e-commerce website must contain.

More and more retailers are now preferring e-commerce websites over the traditional retail shop. E-commerce stores do have an endless list of benefits, though an actual retail shop is difficult to replace because of the physical shopping experience that it offers. However, there are ways to make the e-commerce experience for your customers brilliant.

Here are five essential elements that your e-commerce site should include:

1. Persuasive content

Your customers will not be able to “feel” a product until it is bought. To make up for this, your content should be convincing and give them the best impression about a product. A customer should be persuaded to buy, simply by reading your content. Ensure that every product on your site is well-displayed and accompanied by detailed, yet persuasive information.

2. Easy-to-use navigation and user flow

Since retailers are now aware that e-commerce platforms have many benefits, the competition within this market is stiff. The most important thing to do for your e-commerce platform is to offer the best user experience. This will keep your customers happy and make them come back for more. You could follow a very functional design or an intuitive concept. Just make sure that your site offers optimal navigation.

3. Hassel-free checkout process

Ensuring that your website has a good checkout process is an absolute-must. Even if a customer loves a particular product, they might abandon a purchase, if they have doubts or face any form of confusion during the checkout process.  Your checkout process should be simple and easy and offer the customer with a relaxed shopping experience when buying a product from your website.

4. 24/7 customer support

Knowing that you are always there to help is a definite plus for your customers. With the rise in the use of social media and mobile devices, it is an absolute must to immediately resolve any miscommunication that your customer may be facing. A bad experience at your website can spread like wildfire, so make sure to avoid such conflicts.

5. Accessibility via mobile devices

Recent research has revealed that mobile revenues are growing rapidly. In fact, according to TechCrunch, over 50% of a company’s revenue is driven by mobile users. This has forced e-commerce stores to see the potential of mobile devices and incorporate this into their online store. Make sure that your mobile design is simple, yet effective in design.

If you don’t want to lose your customers, make sure to design an e-commerce website that is appealing and inspiring. Your products need to be found as fast as possible, so usability should be your primary goal. Also, ensure that you post accurate information about each purchase. Finally, do not forget about customer service. Make sure that you answer your customers questions by social media support, live chat support or phone support. Last, but not the least, invest in a fully-optimized mobile application.

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