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Top Five 3D Animation Tools in the Industry

Posted on November 30, 2017

Animated videos and pictures are among the most widely used marketing and branding tools. In today’s social-media driven world, animations find endless uses. Animated videos and pictures can help a brand convey many important messages to its audience and people also prefer watching animated videos rather than reading textual information. Indeed, animation is one of the most creative fields you’ll come across, but by using the advanced tools, you can significantly improve your animations.

Top 5 3D Animation Tools

Although there are numerous animation tools available today, it is important to choose the right ones to get the desired results. Here are the best 3D animation tools that you can use to create innovative and pioneering animated videos.

  1. Xtranormal

    It’s one of the best tools to create 3D animated videos. This consists of about 200 background sets, approx. 500 characters with 80 different gestures, and one can direct up to 12 diverse characters per scene. Besides, there are 20 different languages to choose from. However, the only downside is that this tool isn’t free and one needs to spend $50 monthly fee for the professional plan.

  2. Apple Motion

    Apple Motion is a downloadable graphics app which can be used with Mac OS X. If you want to create the tilting applications and use some of the complex features such as motion tracking, vector painting, and 3D compositing, Apple Motion makes the perfect choice.

  3. Wideo

    For those who are looking for a free platform for product promotion and animated shots, then Wideo is a perfect tool to use. With this tool, one can select a template and the pictures from their personal library, where there are innumerable options.

    The cardinal purpose of Wideo is to serve as a tool to businesses which create simple animated commercials.

  4. GoAnimate

    This is an online application which aids in creating customized video animations for smaller projects, school lessons, and work presentations.

    GoAnimate has about 50 different template cartoon characters in about 150 different poses. There are 20 different music tracks and 20 backgrounds along with 200 props. The template voices of the program can be used for the characters used in the animation and the users can record other suitable voices to further customize the animation. However, this tool isn’t free and comes with a subscription fee of $25 per month to avail its business plan.

  5. Adobe After Effects

    While it’s not typically a 3D animation tool, it can be used for incorporating the motion graphics in your animation video. This tool can be used for the post-production video effects as well as for the high-end motion graphics.

    This program can also be used on a smaller scale, to add basic 2D animations to the video. While the price to purchase the tool is $999, one can also subscribe it for $19.99 monthly fee. Also, you can try a 30-day free trial of this tool.

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