Top 7 Benefits of Outsourcing Virtual House Tours

The Top 7 Benefits of Outsourcing Virtual House Tours

Posted on July 8, 2021

Virtual reality, 3D virtual walkthroughs, and 360-degree apartment tours have become an important part of an effective real estate marketing strategy. Although 48% of brokers find it challenging to keep up with technological advancements, setting up virtual tours for property visualization is gaining momentum among most real estate companies. Virtual tours make for a comprehensive visual presentation of a property which can help real estate agents close deals 68% faster. All one needs to do is get a good quality 360-degree camera to click and upload pictures into a free 3D virtual tour software and put his property up for display online; it would cost around $290.

But outsourcing real estate virtual tour services has always been a better option as it means your 360 virtual tour services will be handled by a team of highly trained professionals.

Benefits of Outsourcing Real Estate Virtual Tour Services

Upon outsourcing real estate virtual tour services to a good 3D virtual tour creation company, one enjoys the following benefits:

  1. Increased visibility

    Setting up a 3D virtual tour for a property is not a mere exercise to put the property on the online map; it can be used to fulfill many business objectives. For instance, a 3D virtual tour company knows ways to generate buzz around a property where it matters – the target market. They can showcase one’s property in a better way by creating a distinct impression in the minds of prospective buyers. This helps one to differentiate his listings from his competitors. Achieving all of this and more by hiring an in-house 3D virtual tour creation team can be quite overwhelming and expensive.

  2. Access to advanced technology

    Outsourcing real estate virtual tour services to a professional means one gets access to their pool of trained personnel and state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

  3. Time-effective and cost-effective services

    360 virtual tour services are dynamic, interactive, and capable of drawing the attention of potential buyers (and in many cases, leading them to action) within minutes. A virtual tour creation company helps one to prevent wasting time in creating complicated processes such as designing a blueprint for a project. Moreover, professionals can develop as well as cost-effectively edit the 360 virtual tours while delivering them in a quick turnaround time.

  4. Greater reach

    An expert 3D virtual tour creation company can help one to have a better presence in his target market. They can create visuals that are appealing and much more detailed than sketches of real estate property. That is the reason why many reputed virtual tour real estate developers seek assistance from professionals to add finer details to their presentations and make them more impactful. One will see that his buyers will be more satisfied as they find as much information as possible through the virtual tours, helping the buyer make informed decisions quickly and easily. So, with the help of real estate virtual tour services, builders can effectively increase the sales potential of their properties by significantly increasing the reach.

  5. Closing more deals

    A real estate virtual tour estate company can help the builder to incorporate customized features as demanded by the buyers into his real estate projects; this is a great strategy to win more clients. The virtual tour provider also helps one to target specific groups of potential buyers who are genuinely interested in buying the property. So, a customized way of creating virtual tours increases the chances of sales as personalized offerings make customers feel valued, convincing them of the brand’s superior services.

  6. Focusing on key areas

    Virtual tours help to highlight particular aspects of a project. But, achieving this can be difficult for a beginner, which is why it’s better to take help from a professional. All one needs to do is convey his ideas to a good virtual tour company, and the experts will do the needful. They will use cutting-edge real estate virtual tour tools and software to develop presentations. Besides, one can easily share the presentations with his buyers via the internet. If required, one can even edit the design as per the needs and recommendations of his clients and incorporate the customized features.

  7. Brings down the bounce rates

    Higher bounce rates signify a red signal for every real estate builder as it affects the visibility of his projects, lowering their search engine rankings. A higher bounce rate denotes the number of visitors who drop out of the website quickly. The higher the bounce rate, the lesser the probability of any conversion, sales, or leads. To ensure visitors stay for a longer time on the website, one needs to keep posting quality content to keep the visitors engaged; this can be achieved through virtual tours.

    Here’s a list of statistics that prove virtual tours help businesses close more deals:

    • Customers in the age group of 17 to 35 are 132% more likely to book a property after getting a virtual tour
    • 51% of adult users on the internet use virtual tours as their basis for research and buying process
    • 70% of people want more real estate companies to offer virtual tours on their websites
    • Over 6 million daily visits happen via virtual tours around the world
    • Virtual tour increases a real estate listing’s interest by three-fold

    Whether one is dealing in houses, hotels, or other commercial assets, he needs to create excitement around his property. One can achieve this by partnering with a 360 real estate virtual tour services company. A virtual tour effectively communicates the look and feel of one’s property and there are many other inherent benefits of 360-degree tour creation, including –

    • 360-degree virtual tours capture a viewer’s attention through the use of high-quality digital images
    • The virtual tours can easily be incorporated into your multimedia presentations, CDs, or websites
    • Virtual tours create more impact by adhering to your existing branding guidelines

Why Outsource 360° Virtual Tour Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Virtual tours in business have to be designed with users in focus so that you can deliver an experience that gets talked about. This is what we aim to achieve through our virtual tour artists. We are a high-quality provider of real estate virtual tour services in India and there are a host of reasons for you to choose us. Some of the main reasons to choose us are –

  1. High-quality Real Estate 3D virtual tour creation service

    Our quality is second to none. We have a dedicated quality control team that samples processed images at planned intervals to ensure compliance with the SLA.

  2. Guaranteed Data Security

    Every confidential asset including photographs and other data deemed sensitive for handling is securely managed on a document repository that is encrypted and saved on the Cloud. This enables collaboration while keeping risks at bay. Therefore, our efforts come with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 accreditation.

  3. Short turnaround Time

    If you want results with a quick turnaround we have the bandwidth to deliver the finished virtual tour within a reasonable time.

Choose Flatworld Solutions for Error-free Virtual Tours Creation

Flatworld Solutions has been a pioneer in providing the best quality real estate 360 degree virtual tours creation services. We have some of the most experienced and skilled resources who can cater to all your requirements. We leverage the latest tools and technologies while delivering top-notch services to clients.

If you think that Flatworld Solutions is your best bet for outsourcing real estate virtual tours, feel free to get in touch with us today!

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