Top 5 Ways to Optimize Video for Search

Top 5 Ways to Optimize Video for Search

Posted on October 28, 2021

Simply said, video SEO is the process of optimizing your video so that it can be indexed and ranked for relevant keyword searches in search engines. This post will go through some optimization methods for giving your films a better chance of ranking.

The authority of your website, how video-focused it is, and how it ranks for video-related inquiries all have a role in how well your video ranks in universal search. SEO experts’ advise putting less focus on general search and instead of aiming for greater rankings in video search.

Here are 5 ways you can optimize video for search

  1. Choosing the right video hosting platform

    When it comes to selecting a video hosting platform, think about why you want your video to rank. YouTube and Vimeo may be worth looking at if you’re less concerned with driving traffic to your website and more concerned with raising brand recognition. The problem with these sites is that after your video is indexed, the majority of traffic will flow to them rather than your website.

  2. Inserting a video transcript

    You’ll probably see numerous videos with subtitles beside them as you go through your Facebook page, allowing you to watch them without bothering your housemates. A video transcript is a text that goes with your video.

    Video transcripts not only make your videos more accessible to a wider audience, but they also make them more scrapable by search algorithms because there is more text on the website.

  3. Engaging thumbnail images

    Because the video thumbnail is what a searcher sees when your video is indexed, it has a big influence on whether or not they click. Consider your thumbnail picture in the same way that you would a book cover or the front page of your website. It must be captivating, timely, and visually appealing. Make sure it’s also related to the keyword you’re aiming for. For example, I put “how to waterski” into the search box below. Because a person is performing the activity I’m looking for, the second listing wins the thumbnail competition.

  4. Paying attention to title and description

    The title and meta description of videos are taken into account when ranking them. Spend some time coming up with a catchy title and description for your video. Make sure you’re targeting terms that people are genuinely looking for by conducting keyword research.

  5. Making video the focus of your page

    It has happened time and time again. SEO experts encountered websites where the video is buried or below the fold, requiring visitors to scroll endlessly until they reach the video. Since consumers don’t want to go out of their way to find the video, this naturally leads to poor play counts and rates. A concealed video is also unlikely to be indexed by search crawlers who go out of their way to find it. Making your video the main emphasis of the website is the greatest approach to improve its crawling ability.

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