Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Posted on December 7, 2017

With the proliferation of smart phones, the usage and development of mobile apps have increased dramatically. People use mobile apps for a plethora of tasks throughout the day. Whether it is shopping, or depositing a utility bill, whether you want to contact someone or leave a message behind, or whether you want to check the timing of the next movie or book a ticket, anything and everything can be done through mobile apps.

Today, if any business does not have a customer-interaction facilitating app, it is certainly losing on a good amount of the market share. These days, people prefer mobile apps over the websites for browsing or completing transactions. This is why, its important for businesses to stay aware of the latest mobile app development trends and keep their apps updated as well as user centric.

5 Mobile App Development Trends Expected to Reign 2018

With phenomenal growth in mobile app development, mobile apps are no longer an option, they are a necessity. It serves as a great way to meet customer needs and increase sales, making mobile app development an actively growing sector in the industry.

Here are the top mobile app development trends that are expected to dominate 2018:

  1. More Artificial Intelligence Apps to be Seen in 2018

    The new “New” in the mobile app domain is AI (Artificial Intelligence). As per Gartner, we can expect more than 300% increase in the investment on the AI-based apps and products. This is why, we can expect more AI-enabled apps functioning on our mobile phones and tablets in 2018. AI enables businesses to evolve and stay smart, and this is exactly what businesses need to stay ahead of their competitors.

  2. VR and AR Will Continue to Redefine Mobile App Landscape

    The AR and VR, like the previous year, will keep on dominating the market as well as the mobile app domain. We can come across many new AR and VR based apps in the coming year. The AR and VR are being widely used across the globe for developing innovative mobile apps, and this trend will continue.

  3. AMP Will Dominate the App Landscape

    AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) will continue to dominate the web app landscape. Recently, Google also announced that soon there will be a standalone search index for the mobile web.

    The Google AMP supported mobile web apps load faster and significantly reduce the bounce rates. This is certainly going to be a revolutionary step in the mobile app domain and will help the publishers achieve higher visibility. This is why, one can expect more Google AMP supported apps in 2018.

  4. More Cloud-driven Mobile Apps to Be Seen in 2018

    According to a recent research, it has been concluded that by 2019 about 90% of the total mobile data traffic would be driven by cloud-based apps. The cloud services are gaining huge popularity across the world, and almost all businesses now comprehend the significance of cloud-based services. So, in 2018 there will be many apps that would be hosted on the cloud in order to deliver a wider set of features to the users.

  5. Accelerated Mobile Pages

    This is an upcoming trend, which accelerates page loading on the mobile devices. AMP ensures quick loading of web pages on the mobile device. Besides, it also provides an isolated search index exclusively for mobile web. This completely transforms the approach towards mobile app development from the SEO perspective. Therefore, AMP is expected to enable web apps to load quickly on mobile devices, thereby reducing the bounce rate.

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  1. Manthan Bhavsar

    Such a nice blog. This the most outstanding tends for 2018. With this all trends become true there will a total new view of mobile app Development. Thank you.

  2. mobile app development sydney

    It had been a year of growth for app development. Previously, it was just an optimal investment solution, but now it has turned to a necessity. Thanks for the blog post!

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    I was talking to my fiance about his work life and he told me about mobile app development services he was looking into. He is a little new to this area and needs some professional help and insight. I will be sure to let him know that a big trend right now is accelerated mobile pages.

  4. Nancy

    Great information regarding the trends of mobile apps. Cloud-driven mobile apps would be the great apps as they keep the user tension free from the space issues at mobile. Thank you for sharing the trends.

  5. Rids Patel

    As the subsequent usage of the mobile app is at peak level, mobile app technology has reshaped our lifestyle and businesses. While the concept of smart cities, businesses, cars, homes has taken the steps towards mobile app development integrated with the latest technology including IoT, AR/VR or AI are gaining the user attention, it becomes essential to move towards this latest trends.

  6. Ellie Davis

    Thank you for pointing out that VR apps are starting to become very popular. This seems like something you would want to consider when developing an app of your own. Hopefully, anyone wanting to develop these apps looks into finding the best company to help them.


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