Top Five Customer Experience Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Top 5 Customer Experience Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Posted on December 5, 2019

What kind of expectations would we able to arrange to plan for the fortune of Customer Experience in 2020 and it’s beyond? Customer experience has been radically changing over the last decade. The structure of conventional business models has been modified with customers’ empowerment. There are various opportunities that will help to engage with customers, connect with them and transact with the help of different channels at their own convenience.

It is noted to be highly crucial that each business company must keep them updated. To make the procedure easier for business organizations, we will now see a list of customer experience trends to look out for in 2020.

  1. Instant gratification what makes customers experience in today’s time
    Customers are constantly looking out for those brands that would offer them quick reply to their questions, speedy deal during their time of transaction and provide super-fast deliverance. Keeping in mind these above-mentioned features will turn into a standard in 2020. Business companies are needed to look for improvement in customer experience in diverse areas and different levels. A major differentiation among the brand will depend on speed of the execution task.
  2. Intelligent and modern technology will surely take over experiences of customers
    By an approx calculation, it can be said that about 85% of total interactions with customers will likely to be non-human, which is through the use of technologies by 2020. Artificial Intelligence algorithms will support intelligent assistants and devices. Self-learning online platforms will also be seen playing an essential role in shaping the direction and ground of customer experience in 2020 and beyond. Virtual assistants and Chatbots have already been programmed to create personalized customer engagement based on their interests. This will save time on manpower and the cost as well.
  3. Improved and innovative technology will drive customers’ engagement
    Technologies such as VR and AR will likely dominate customers’ engagement in 2020. The power of video, graphics, audio, etc will enhance customers’ experience.
  4. High-level personalization will keep boosting customers experience
    Many upcoming business companies will adopt the strategy of personalization to offer far better customer engagement and experience. Single view by the customers will provide highly customized conversations and messages.
  5. Things on the Internet will raise the experiences of customers
    There is an estimation that around twenty billion objects and items will be added to Internet by 2020. Daily uses devices like blending machines; mobile phones and television will be connected to internet. Thus it will become easy for the companies to practice in moment marketing.

Every industry must keep track of current trends related to customer experience. This will help the business organization to stay way ahead among its competitors, strengthening brand identity and develop a loyal customer base.

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