Top 4 Advantages of Outsourcing Legal Services

Posted on February 7, 2014

In the recent past, the legal services industry has seen a huge shift in the delivery model for legal services. With the emergence of LPO or legal process outsourcing, attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals are sending their legal work overseas. The year 2013 witnessed more and more legal firms outsourcing to increase flexibility, reduce cost and expand their in-house capabilities. The following is a list of the top four advantages that your legal firm can leverage by offshoring legal work to India:

  1. Effectively minimize cost

    One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing legal services is the huge cost savings. By outsourcing legal services, firms can reduce their cost structures through labor arbitrage (the difference in wages between outside vendors and in-house legal personnel) and reap the benefits of low costs. For example, hiring an in-house attorney might cost your legal firm $150 an hour while an external vendor might cost you only $75/hour.

  2. Get access to external talent

    Outsourcing legal services paves the way for firms to get access to high-level legal talent and nice expertise that otherwise does not exist in the firm. For example, if your firm lacks expertise in litigation support, you can easily outsource litigation support like document reviewing and coding. Accessing external legal talent is also very useful for small firms to fill in their gaps and tap into global legal expertise. Outsourcing locations like India and China boast a large pool of skilled legal professionals.

  3. Cut down on turnaround time

    By using the services of external personnel, you can expand your internal team and reduce the turnaround time for critical legal projects. With the effective combination of an offshore and onshore team, your legal firm will be able to complete projects within a short time frame. For example, with the 12-hour time difference between the U.S and India, an offshore legal team can work during the night and complete your project by morning.

  4. Enjoy better flexibility

    When you employ a combination of external talent and in-house skills, your law firm can tailor its capabilities in response to your customers’ demands. By outsourcing legal work, your firm can quickly scale up for difficult projects, thereby helping you stay on par with large firms. Flexible staffing can also enable your law firm to avoid the fixed cost of salaries.

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1 thought on “Top 4 Advantages of Outsourcing Legal Services

  1. Todd Stauffer

    It makes sense that by hiring a legal service and using your own employees together, you can tailor make your service to help those who ask for it. I think that outsourcing to other companies is really beneficial because you get experience for a cheaper price than paying for an employee every month. If you are a company that is just starting out, this would really be beneficial.


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