Top 3 Outsourcing Destinations to Watch Out for

Posted on August 27, 2012

1. Argentina

The Latin American country of Argentina is fast becoming a popular outsourcing destination among global companies. Many UK firms are currently outsourcing to Argentina, because the country has low market and labor costs. Argentina also has a large literate and tech-savvy labor pool of workers that are skilled in both IT and in Spanish / English. You can easily hire any number of programmers for an affordable cost in Argentina. This country also boasts of a robust telecom network and large supply of office space.

The cultural similarities between Argentina and the west have made it an attractive offshore destination. However, Argentina’s government has not sufficiently supported or developed the country’s IT outsourcing sector. In the past, Argentina has also gone through several economic problems like budget deficits, external debt, inflation and capital flight.

2. Bulgaria

The country of Bulgaria is soon racing ahead of European outsourcing destinations like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland Russia and Ukraine. Key factors like low labor costs, good business environment, strong education system and affinity to the West have made Bulgaria an ideal location.

Outsourcing vendors in Bulgaria are known for the expertise in programming technologies like open source, C++ and Java. Bulgaria is famous for their good product quality and high skill sets. The cost of outsourcing to Bulgaria can be more expensive than outsourcing to Africa or the Middle East.

3. Egypt

The country of Egypt, along with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Jordan are becoming very popular for their large availability of skilled programmers. In fact, Egypt has the largest talent base than any other country in the Middle East. The Egyptian government has been helpful in offering tax incentives to outsourcing prospects.

The country’s young multilingual workforce, good IT infrastructure, low labor cost and competitive cost structure have made it one of India’s competitors. Indian outsourcing giants like Wipro and Satyam have set up outsourcing centers in Egypt to tap into the potential of the country. However, some western companies have not been outsourcing to Egypt, since the region, along with the Middle East is politically volatile.

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