The Importance of Charge Entry in Medical Billing

The Importance of Charge Entry in Medical Billing

Posted on August 4, 2021

Medical Billing: What Exactly It Is & Why Is Its Significance?

Medical billing is the process of converting a medical service into a billing claim.

In a healthcare facility, the medical biller’s job is to follow up on claims and verify that the practice is reimbursed for the services provided by the clinicians.

Regardless of the intricacy and extent of each medical operation, any medical service delivered will generate documentation and information that must be correctly processed by a medical billing and coding specialist.

Whether it’s a simple operation at a neighborhood clinic or a big surgery in a multi-specialty hospital, a professional is required to maintain information and vital documents moving between the hospital and insurance providers. That individual is a medical billing and coding expert.

What is Charge Entry and What Does It Consist Of?

The task of assigning a proper monetary value to a patient account based on the medical codes and fee schedules selected is known as charge entry.

The costs filed for the medical services provided determine how much the healthcare professional is reimbursed. Issues in charge entry might lead to claim rejections.

Inability to properly document healthcare information can result in financial losses worth millions of dollars. Charge entry can help reduce instances of wasted income while implementing effective charge capture.

In addition, effective coordination between the coding and charge entry teams contributes to long-term process improvements.

Factors Covered Under Charge Entry

  • The date on which the service is rendered
  • Providers of billing and rendering
  • Service location
  • The physician who made the referral
  • Admissions date
  • Prior authorization or referral
  • CPT and number of units delivered

What Are the Steps For Charge Entry?

Here are the important steps for successfully implementing a charge entry process.

Step 1: Patient Demographic Details

  • Patient demographic information is critical, and it’s crucial to ensure precise data entry.
  • Before presenting the claim, the patient’s correct information must be entered and verified.
  • To avoid claim denials, double-check the charge entry details, particularly all patient-related information.

Step 2: Medical Coding

  • Medical coding is the stage that necessitates the use of experts and well-known medical coding systems.
  • Some of the unique data entries like the date of admission, service dates, service location must be provided as part of the charge entry process.

When data and coding are precise, there are fewer chances of claim rejections, and insurance companies may simply process claims for further reimbursements.

5 Ways Charge Entry is Crucial in Medical Billing

Healthcare organizations choose efficient medical billing services to provide error-free payments. Let’s take a look at the value of charge entry services in medical billing.

  1. Easy collection of patient data and billing information

    When you approach a medical billing consulting service company, they will make it simple for you to enter information from the patient community. By ensuring that your patient information is correct, they will ensure seamless service.

    Billing data collection is also a key task that requires accuracy to avoid errors and claim denials.

  2. Patient privacy is protected

    Medical billing management service companies usually have a team of skilled professionals including non-disclosure agreement signatories.

    NDAs are intended to protect personal patient information. They commit to keeping a tight healthcare data security policy in place. This helps protect the information from being exposed to unauthorized parties.

    They send and receive data using VPN or SFTP, which is not only secure but also efficient.

  3. Claims denials are better managed

    Medical claim denials are among the most serious worries for healthcare providers.

    You have a reduced chance of denials when you work with an experienced outsourcing partner. Even if you find yourself in such circumstances, the medical billing services company will aid you in dealing with the claim denial.

    A knowledgeable service provider will determine the reasons for the denial and track them by categorizing them. Furthermore, they will efficiently manage the denial for you, attempting to keep the situation from repeating.

  4. Consistent Cash Flow

    The services provided to a patient by a healthcare facility are coded and correlated with service charges.

    These codes must be recorded accurately to receive proper reimbursement for the services provided by a healthcare provider. Hence, it is critical for medical billing services to understand the importance of charge entry for a consistent cash flow.

  5. Enhances your efficiency

    Charge entry allows you to increase your productivity by reducing the amount of time you spend entering data for your charges regularly.

    You may create billing systems, rapidly enter charges, compare codes to payer reimbursement regulations, and keep track of every interaction from appointment booking to insurance claim filing.

    You may devote your time to other important tasks in your medical billing process by automating unnecessary data entry.

Medical Billing Done Right with Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld Solutions, our team of professionals has in-depth insights into operational systems. This helps us ensure a glitch-free and seamless medical billing charge entry service. Our medical billing outsourcing services can help you reduce overall operational costs to the greatest extent possible.

As the best medical billing services company, we make sure the payment procedure is simple, quick, and effective. For claim submissions, we guarantee error-free and accurate data.

Flatworld Solutions provides a complimentary, no-obligation audit of your present services.

Contact us today to join our family of happy customers. Or simply ask your queries and we’d be happy to help you.

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