Ten Golden Rules for a Successful Outsourcing Venture

Posted on November 16, 2012

Have your past experiences in outsourcing turned out to be unsuccessful? Then what you need may be a few golden rules on the business of outsourcing to help you experience a winning outsourcing deal. Martyn Hart, Chairman of the National Outsourcing Association and Outsourcing and Communication Expert recently shared ten rules for a successful outsourcing deal. Here’s a gist of the rules:

Rule 1: Most outsourcers make the mistake of thinking that outsourcing is about technology, tools used or methods. But in reality, outsourcing is more about people than anything else. So putting people first on your list of priorities can give you great start in your outsourcing deal.

Rule 2: Outsourcing is not completely simple or easy. Since outsourcing involves a lot of changes both to your company as well as the vendor, you may be prepared to face a certain level of difficulty. It is best to be very realistic about your goals, benefits, and the promised timescale. This will be keep you from getting disappointed.

Rule 3: Outsourcing is not child’s play. In fact, your outsourcing deal will be one of the most important programs that you have ever managed. If you want your outsourcing deal to turn out successfully, you must get the best people you know, to aid you. Before commencing on your outsourcing deal, you must hire resources with outsourcing know-how.

Rule 4: Before you outsource, your must be sure of the commitment of your senior management. Get your senior management staff involved and supportive of your outsourcing deal.

Rule 5: To get quick wins from your outsourcing deal, you must tack your benefits plans. As you go further into the outsourcing deal, you can build your wins in gradually.

Rule 6: Don’t keep surprises about your outsourcing deal, either with your boss or your staff. The ups and downs of outsourcing are best managed when everything is clear and transparent.

Rule 7: To know where you stand in your outsourcing deal, you can measure a few important goals against your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Taking the helicopter view of your outsourcing venture will help you make the right decisions.

Rule 8: Change is constant in everything, even outsourcing. As events and people change, it’s important that you don’t lose your focus. Through the changes that you may face, continue to focus hard on your business issues.

Rule 9: If you need outside help with your outsourcing project, then you must get it. You may not know everything about how outsourcing functions. With a hectic day job, managing overseas staff can take a toll. You could always hire or contract with an outside company.

Rule 10: Good communication is the key to any successful relationship and this is true even for your outsourcing relationship. Take the extra time and effort to communicate about everything involved in your outsourcing deal. Use a communication channel that works for you, be it Email, Phone Calls or Chat to get your ideas across.

What are some of your very own rules that you swear by when outsourcing? What outsourcing rules would you add to the above list?

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