Technology Trends That Will Dominate the Logistics Industry

Technology Trends That Will Dominate the Logistics Industry

Posted on September 14, 2017

As technology is advancing at a fast pace, every industry is experiencing dramatic changes in the way it operates. Among the top industries which are changing significantly owing to the technological advancements, one is the logistics industry. There are many technological trends, which experts believe will dominate the logistics industry in 2018 and further.

Here are the top technology trends which are going to dominate the Logistics industry in the coming future:

Surge Of Self-driving Vehicles In the Logistics Industry

2016 was full of announcements related to self-driving cars and vehicles by the renowned companies. Google spun off its self-driving car group into Waymo, the under indulged in taking trials, it even acquired OTTO (a self-driving truck startup), and Ford also announced its plans for the self-driving cars development.

As self-driving vehicles are coming quite close to reality, we can expect the usage of these technology controlled vehicles in the Logistics Industry. The trials for such vehicles have already started in various countries like Sweden, Singapore, China, and U.S etc. So in the coming years, we can expect the logistics industry to use these vehicles for carrying out various tasks.

On-demand Delivery Will Be Seen As a New Concept In the Logistics Industry

The recent success of Uber in the disrupting transportation has led to colossal funding for the “Uber for X” businesses concept, in which customers can connect with the nearby workers using their smartphones.

An array of startups have entered the same day delivery market, and some are even facilitating the same hour delivery. The rapid on-demand delivery amalgamates the convenience of online stores, that is, ordering from anywhere with the benefit of traditional “Brick and mortar” stores that is, immediate product availability. The low-cost same day delivery is now emerging as the next logical paradigm in the online retail and many customers these days, expect same day delivery.

Undoubtedly, it is going to be the next major trend in the logistics industry.

Automation Is Going To Rule The Logistics Industry In The Coming Years

Though, e-commerce has become one of the prominent ways in which customers buy their products today, but, owing to the high influx of orders, the online retailers are required to hire a bigger workforce to ensure that each order reaches the doorsteps of the customer.

Owing to the high demand of workers and low availability during some parts of the year like holidays, this sector is an obvious target of automation. Soon, we can expect the robots performing those iterative tasks with much more efficiency and speed which manual workforce performs currently.

Robots can deliver better services in a faster manner when compared to humans, and as the work demand in online retail oriented logistics is very high, robots have become a palpable choice.

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3 thoughts on “Technology Trends That Will Dominate the Logistics Industry

  1. jyoti sharma

    No one can predict how the future will shake out in terms of upcoming tech trends, but we can make some educated guess. As the underpinnings of information technology shift, it’s never been more important to look ahead and anticipate changes. And a weird but most important thing is going to happen; People will actually read online Terms & Conditions. Internet of Things(IoT) will take storm in Corporate World, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning will move beyond the hype.

  2. 3pl providers

    Yes, the technological influence is consistently increasing in logistics industries. From 3D printers to drones to beacons, there’s an endless array of new technologies coming into the logistics industry but the overall value proposition of a 3PL remains dependent on their basic operations.

  3. Kamal Dogra

    Upcoming new technologies plays crucial role in shaping future of logistic industry. Thanks for sharing this informative post.


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