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Why is Xamarin a Favored Mobile App Development Platform

Why is Xamarin the Most Favored Mobile App Development Platform?

Posted on July 19, 2018

Incepting out of a reputed family, Microsoft Xamarin has already bagged a good share of 1.12% of the total market share in app development. Even though it is just 2 years old, Xamarin has become a choice for a lot of hybrid app developers. Currently, 40% of the top applications are running on Xamarin making it a highly progressive platform for growth of cross-platform apps.

The unique selling point of Xamarin is that it utilizes local APIs. These APIs make the user interface of the cross-platform apps highly engaging as the ordering is done using the local code. The user interface is a crucial part of the development of a cross-platform app as this is where the user can differentiate it from the native app experience. Xamarin operational excellence in using APIs covers up the existence of a non-native app and makes the user feel as if they are using a native application instead.

There are various other factors that have led to the popularity of Xamarin as a very potent solution, let’s look at the same below:

  1. Use C++ to Develop Apps on Xamarin

    An advantage of Xamarin is that developers need not learn a new language to cover up the app development of Android, iOS, and Windows platform in one go. C++ has remained a highly popular programming language for apps and Xamarin users can harness their existing hold of C++ to develop intuitive and usable apps.

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