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8 Benefits of Using Drupal Web Development for your Website

Posted on October 23, 2015

Are you creating a business website? If yes, find out how using Drupal web development can give you’re your enterprise seven benefits.

From personal websites to community web portals or social networking sites to popular eCommerce stores, Drupal web development enables enterprises to create a strong online presence. Today, thousands of Drupal developers use this PHP code for creating customized websites, as there more than two thousand themes and twenty-nine thousand modules to choose from.

Drupal, an open source software, works well within the CMS framework. It is free of licensing costs and is usually the first choice of developers. Since Drupal uses the PHP code, it can save your organization money, when you use it for developing your website.

Here are eight benefits of using Drupal web development for your website:

1. An open source software: If you were to use Drupal, a large number of themes, contributed modules and core software will be free. This will help you significantly reduce the cost of web development.

2. Customizable: Drupal is highly customizable, whether you wish to customize the layout, design, features or operation. This offers a host of choice to your designers and developers when addressing your requirements.

3. Rapid deployment:  When using Drupal, you can deploy its core functions and features rapidly. You can even make customizations after deploying the site. You can make changes to a live site as per your business requirements and feedback. Continue reading

5 Advantages of Using PHP Website

5 Advantages of Using PHP for Your Website

Posted on September 6, 2015

Well-organized modules, better upkeep of the latest technologies and a clear design have increased the credibility and popularity of PHP.

PHP is indeed a popular choice when it comes to the world of websites. This general-purpose scripting language is great for server-side web development, where PHP would run on a web server. Well-organized modules, better upkeep of the latest technologies and a clear design have increased the credibility and popularity of PHP. Reputed websites like Facebook and Harvard University are PHP based, mainly because PHP websites can be effortlessly maintained, improved or updated at regular intervals.

Here are some good reasons why you must consider picking up PHP for your website:

1. Open Source PHP is free

Since PHP is Open Source, it is readily available and completely free! It is also easy to find PHP developers, as all that they need to excel in PHP is to have a good know-how about Java and C. On the whole, PHP is very simple and can guarantee you great results.

2. PHP is cross platform

With PHP you can easily operate across any number of operating systems, as PHP is cross-platform. Whether you choose UNIX, LINUX or Windows platforms, PHP works excellently across all. PHP can also be easily interfaced with MySQL or Apache.

3. Good online support

With PHP being extremely popular, you can avail any number of references or guidelines from the net. If you are stuck with PHP at any point of time, there are plethora or forum, groups and teams that can help you. There is also an online library support to assist you. Continue reading