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Printed Circuit Board Design

PCB Layout – Should you Design it In-house or outsource it?

Posted on March 24, 2016

All electronic gadgets and equipment depend upon a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) which physically supports the socketed and surface mounted components, thereby making it easier for the electronic item to perform its task. With rapid technological advancements being made on a daily basis, the performance and efficiency of an electronic item today is directly dependent on the quality of its PCB design.

Owing to the cardinal role played by a PCB in the functioning of any electrical or electronic equipment, seasoned and experienced PCB designers are always in demand. Most of the companies who require high-quality PCB designs often face the dilemma of choosing between their in-house design team or outsourcing the work to a reputed company. If you are also struggling with the same quandary, then the following useful points will help you take the best decision.

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