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Tax Preparation with Intuit’s ProSeries

Posted on April 2, 2015

Intuit’s ProSeries is easy-to-use, has e-filing capabilities and guarantees accurate e-filing of tax returns

If you are an individual running a business, a part of a partnership or an owner of a large corporate, you would have to look for tax preparation services at some point of time. India, one of the world’s renowned service providers of tax processing and tax preparation services is the best destination to choose a service provider to file your Federal and State Tax returns.

You can also get access to expert tax processing and computing only during your peak work load seasons. Indian service providers like Flatworld Solutions, use only the best accounting software in tax preparation like Intuit’s ProSeries, which guarantees a high level of accuracy and ensures complete IRS compliance during tax filing.

About Intuit’s ProSeries

Did you know that ProSeries tax software is today’s market leader in professional tax solutions? Intunit’s ProSeries is easy to work with, as most accounting systems already employ Intuit’s popular accounting software, QuickBooks. The ProSeries is great to use for tax preparation, as it offers many attractive features. Some of them are:

  • Built-in e-filing capabilities
  • Easy-to-use
  • Quick data input features
  • Accurate data entry, tax calculation, processing and e-filing of tax returns

You can choose from ProSeries Basic and ProSeries Professional. Both the ProSeries versions offer automated calculation for tax calculation that is 100% error-free. There is also a built-in free app that will keep you updates on the newest tax legislations.

ProSeries Basic

This version of ProSeries is preferred by sole practitioners and individuals for tax preparation. It is not only affordable for new start-ups, but it also has a very simple-to-use user interface and enables you to closely follow and even participate in the tax calculation and e-filing process. Some of the ProSeries Basic version’s outstanding features include:

  • Accurate preparation of 1040 and Schedule C tax returns
  • Option of entering in the ELFIN or Electronic Filing Identification Number during the e-filing of tax returns
  • Access to detailed category specific checklists for data collection
  • Quick data input into worksheets or forms
  • Guaranteed accuracy through built-in error detection and correction features

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