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6 Tips on Conducting Effective Outsourcing Interview

Posted on January 14, 2016

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced business environment, companies are looking for options to cut down costs and increase production bandwidth, and one of the effective strategies used by companies to meet this objective is outsourcing. A company offering right outsourced service can offer long-term ROI to its partners, which in turn strengthens the business relationship. Large companies are now hiring outsourcing companies that can carry out the operations successfully, for the long-term.

Hiring a professional outsourcing company provides many aforementioned benefits, but only if you hire the right partner. Whether you are outsourcing the business to a call center or a large agency, conducting an effective outsourcing interview is very important to alliance with the right outsourcing company.

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5 Handy Filmmaking Tips

Posted on August 16, 2013

So you are all set to direct your film. You have your actors ready and are putting the finishing touches to your film. Now all that is left is to set the camera rolling and start shooting. But before you say lights, camera, action, take some time off to read the following five handy film making tips:

1. Select the location

Think about the ideal location for your film. Does your story suit an urban or rural setting? Do you wish to shoot indoors, outdoors or use a combination of both? Also think about the time of the year when you will be shooting. Will it be during the winter, spring or summer? Asking yourself such questions in advance can help you choose the right location. Also take into account the price of the place you would be hiring and the consequences of any damage that you might cause during filming.

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