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Why your Sales Professionals Should Not Be Setting Appointments?

Posted on June 14, 2014

Recent research has revealed that sales professionals are unable to perform well when they try to generate leads.  The changing business environment of today has intensified this problem, by making several traditional methods of generating sales leads obsolete. So, how does a business prosper in both appointment setting and lead generation? Is there a way out? Yes, the answer is outsourcing. Offshoring appointment setting is an effective solution that your company can use to generate more leads and out beat competitors.

With appointment setting out of your hand, you will find that your sales professionals can focus on sales and on the other core activities of your business. Not only will your company benefit from an increase in sales, but you can also enjoy other advantages like improved performance and an increase in profits.

Sales Professionals Vs Appointment Setters

Do you still feel that your sales professionals should handle appointment setting? Let’s analyze why trained appointment setters score more than sales professionals:

  • Service providers and professionals who exclusively specialize in appointment setting are much more successful at setting appointment with prospective customers, than sales people who are great at creating presentations, negotiating with customers and finally closing the deal
  • Research has revealed that most sales professionals are not comfortable in making cold calls and at times even avoid them. Statistics has proven that appointment setters are more productive and usually make an average of 35 calls per hour, with over 1.5 appointments set within the same time. Hence, outsourcing can only improve your sales and boost the morale of your sales professionals
  • It is a proven fact, that a sales company can maximize their sales force’s productivity by a whopping 100% by simply outsourcing appointment setting. With appointment setting out of the hands of your management, they will no longer have to design or review call benefits. Outsourcing can ease the job of managing your sales staff
  • Service providers who are dedicated to the purpose of appointment setting can successfully target more profitable leads, since they have experience in field of appointment setting. This gives them a better awareness about prospective customers for varied types of businesses. This way, an appointment setting firm can call leads who are interested, without wasting time
  • A specialized appointment setting company can provide you with valuable data that can help you improve your company as a whole. If you want to taste success and make a mark in the current competitive business environment, then appointment setting is very much recommended

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