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Healthcare Outsourcing: Short Term Trend or Long

Healthcare Outsourcing: Short-term Trend or Will It Stay for Long?

Posted on May 5, 2016

As finances become tighter and the use of IT-based systems become a necessity, several health centers, hospitals, and medical professionals have begun to outsource a plethora of services so as to minimize operational inefficiencies. Currently, the trend of outsourcing healthcare services in increasing significantly, and is not expected to shrink in the coming years as well.

Areas of Outsourcing in Healthcare

Conventionally, health systems and hospitals used to outsource only support services such as laundry services, housekeeping, supply chain management, and food services. But nowadays with rapid advancements in technology and the emergence of new avenues for providing services and serving patients, the trend of outsourcing is not only increasing, but is also spreading its net wider with a lot more services coming under the outsourcing tag. Let us have a look at the top healthcare services which are getting outsourced nowadays –

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