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5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Medical Transcription Can Be Beneficial to your Hospital

Posted on October 16, 2015

Outsourcing medical transcription is the best way to do more with less time, resources and money.

The medical industry is going through a challenging phase of short deadlines, large amounts of information, strict compliance regulations and tight budgets. Managing medical transcription in-house can be expensive in more than one way. This is where outsourcing can help.

Take a few minutes to read five reasons why it can help you to outsource medical transcription now and in the long run.

1. Eliminate capital investment

By outsourcing, your hospital need not invest in a typing platform or buy a dictation system. You will also not have to keep upgrading to the latest equipment. All your capital expenditures will be reduced as you no longer own or maintain any dictation or transcription devices. This would help you make huge savings on an annual basis.

2. Effective management of staff shortage or increased dictation volume

Report volume and staffing is something that cannot be controlled. These variables can fluctuate without prior warning. Such challenges can negatively affect your budget and put a stop to your transcription process. However, outsourcing, especially during times of overflow can help your hospital effectively manage the increase in report volume or the shortage in staffing, without it having any repercussions on your workflow, turnaround time, compliance or quality.

3. Minimized management expenses

In-house medical transcription can be a costly affair. Right from routing to transcription, dictation and archiving, medical transcription can steal your money and time. Through outsourcing, you will be free to focus on more important issues and leave the demands of medical transcription in the hands of the service provider. Outsourcing also eliminates the need for robust in-house staffing which can bring in additional cost savings for your hospital. Continue reading