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How Web-Based Imaging Can Improve the Clinical & Financial Effectiveness of your Hospital

Posted on August 29, 2015

Using web-based applications for your hospital can not only help you save on cost, but can also bring in better quality and efficiency. Find out more about the advantages of using web-based imaging solutions for your clinic or healthcare center.

Web-based applications have proved to be a boon to hospitals. Today’s web-based applications offer hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers with imaging and diagnostic solutions that are more secure, cost-effective and convenient. The best benefit is the easy of access that web-based applications provide busy physicians with.
Listed below are the benefits of using web based applications for medical imaging:

1. Improved radiology workflow

Radiologists are constantly faced with the need for providing timely and superior quality patient care, while minimizing on cost. Through a web based application, your radiology workflow can be streamlined. This will provide your in-house team of radiologists with 24/7 access to critical patient information and will enable them to take informed decisions.

2. Elimination of hand-written notes

With the use of web based imaging, there will be no need to use thermal paper or resort to hand written notes. Not only will this help with quality control, but will also help your team of radiologists to save more hours in their hectic workday. Continue reading