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Key Benefits of Software Integration Testing

Key Benefits of Software Integration Testing

Posted on March 5, 2020

Software Integration Testing is a kind of process which involves testing some particular modules where a contribution is made by two or more applications as an entire unit or other applications’ modules. This kind of testing ensures whether the applications have the capability of functioning in a smooth way through assimilation as well as communication established by each other. The testing comes in two different categories – black box and white box – where either is used depending specifically on the contribution level provided by other applications that are involved.

There are generally four types of Integration Testing –

  • Big Bang Approach – Testing is done through coupling.
  • Bottom-Up Approach – Testing is done in the method of low to high levels.
  • Top-Down Approach – Testing is done from higher to lower levels.
  • Hybrid Approach – Bottom-Up and Top-Down Approaches are combined together.

Advantages of Using Software Integration Testing

People working in the IT industries are aware of the consistent changes which frequently occur. Developing a complex software system requires Software Integration Testing along with its required approaches.

  1. Big Bang Approach

    • Convenient for small applications.
    • Easy detection of faulty bugs.
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