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Top Tech Innovations that Are Changing the Healthcare Industry

Top Tech Innovations that Are Changing the Healthcare Industry

Posted on April 2, 2020

The technology involved in healthcare is changing rapidly but is still far away from revolutionary. While quite a few big names have decided to test various software and other technological inventions in the field of medical science, many are either slightly reluctant to do so or don’t have enough money or the adequate infrastructure to do so. However, with the advent of the new decade, it seems like the medical industry will embrace technology. Newer technology may lead to a change in the administration of healthcare, better systems for revenues, lower healthcare costs, better management of patients, and a lot more. Here we bring you the top innovations which are changing the healthcare industry:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
    The field of artificial intelligence is still nascent but it promises to be highly capable of bringing about major changes in the industry. Artificial intelligence can greatly reduce the challenges faced by the staff and can also determine staff schedules optimally so that a center never falls short of staff. It can enable people to get an appointment from a doctor based on their condition’s severity and it can also help in monitoring the status of an admitted individual. This will free up a lot of time for the human staff who can then perform much more complex actions. A lot of the manual labor like printing out forms, getting photocopies of certificates, data input, etc. can be handled by AI, freeing up the staff.
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5 Sure Signs Your Practice Needs to Outsource Medical Billing

Posted on August 28, 2014

Should we outsource medical billing to a third-party service provider or perform it in-house? This is one of the most important business questions that physicians of today ask. While some physicians feel that outsourcing is the best option, others want to maintain control over their collections through in-house medical billing. So, how do you know for sure if your medical practice or hospital should outsource medical billing?

Here are five signs that your hospital requires medical billing services. If your healthcare clinic is facing one or two of the following scenarios, then you may want to consider outsourcing medical billing services to India.

1. A high staff turnover: The problem of turnover is something that every industry faces, but turnover in the billing department can be very damaging. Since claim processing is integral to the lifeblood of a practice, replacements or new additions to your billing department will unavoidably lead to a slowdown in the processing of your claims.

2. An inefficient billing process: If your hospital has been seeing your collections drop, while the time to collect them keeps increasing, your clinic may be facing issues in your medical billing department. If you outsource billing to an experienced service provider in India, you can successfully reduce the number of rejected claims and also decrease the time it takes for your hospital to receive payments from payers.

3. A lack of technology know-how: If you are to carry out effective in-house billing, then you will need to make investments in the latest practice management software. Apart from buying and regularly updating the software, you will also have to provide adequate training to your staff. If your hospital does not want to handle technical issues or software upgrades (which can take up valuable time and effort), then think about outsourcing claims processing. Continue reading