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Everything You Need to Know About Healthcare Call Centers

Everything You Need to Know About Healthcare Call Centers

Posted on June 3, 2021

Over 91% of all customer interactions happen over the telephone. But, nearly 89% of customers are dissatisfied with their experiences over the phone. When a patient makes calls to her doctor’s office, the last thing she wants to face is a busy receptionist on the other end. Or, worse, be stuck on hold. And being kept on hold during a call for a long time is one of the key reasons for patient dissatisfaction.

Enter Healthcare Call Centers

A healthcare call center is an infrastructural setup that helps a hospital to do away with all such hindrances to their patients’ well-being and satisfaction by responding quickly yet attentively to patients. This reduces the burden on the hospital’s administrative staff and helps enhance the overall experience for patients.

Why should a hospital consider outsourcing healthcare services?

What comes to mind when picturizing a healthcare industry? Perhaps doctors and nurses meandering around the hospital hallways, but there is a lot more to it than this. For example, the back-office personnel plays an important role in keeping the hospital up and running 24/7. In fact, they are critical to the hospital’s success. Since many healthcare firms don’t have enough resources to hire and retain relevant staff, many have chosen to outsource. Case in point – In 2023, the global healthcare outsourcing market is estimated to reach approximately $500 billion at an approximate 13% compounded annual growth. What does this mean? It states that there will be an ever-increasing need to reduce or nullify critical mistakes, bring down operating costs, and deliver better services – these three factors will drive market growth and healthcare call centers will be the agents behind these crucial drivers of healthcare growth.

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