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What are the Key Benefits of GraphQL Development?

What are the Key Benefits of GraphQL Development?

Posted on April 29, 2021

When it comes to managing data using a modern application, most of the application requires:

  • Distinct front-end clients for multiple platforms, each carrying different data requirement
  • Backend serving data to clients from multiple sources
  • Complex state and cache management

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To overcome these challenges, users can adopt GraphQL. Its declarative model helps the user to create a consistent and predictable API that you can use across all your clients. Moreover, you can add, remove and migrate to back-end data stores. One of the best features of GraphQL is the benefit it offers to developers. It’s straightforward to add new types to the API. This allows designing, developing, and deploying features quickly.

Before we learn more about the GraphQL benefits, let us check what exactly it is.

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