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Google Glass – The Future of Mobility

Posted on November 29, 2013

google glass future of mobilityThe new Google Glass has opened up a world of infinite possibilities. With a Google Glass you can achieve the impossible by just saying a few words. You can take a picture, record a video, share what you see, get directions, send a message, translate a voice or ask whatever is on your mind. The best part of using the strong, light and modularly designed Glass is that you can achieve all of the above tasks hands-free!

Popular apps on Google Glass include Strava, which helps you track your rides and visualize your progress. Word Lens which lets you translate printed words from one language to another, in real time. GolfSight which gives you accurate pin distance, course data, and scoring information and Soundscape which is a great app for budding music artists.

Notable Glass apps such as Pristine Eyesight, from Pristine in Austin is a boon for surgeons to stream videos to remote experts, who might be in a different room or even across the world. This way, doctors or nurses can quickly consults with their peers. Pro Populi has come out with an innovative People+ application that enables you to follow companies or people on the go. When you are about to walk up to someone you haven’t seen in a while or don’t know too well, People+ will allow you to quickly review a profile right from your Google Glass.

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