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Key Benefits of a PACS System

Key Benefits of a PACS System

Posted on November 28, 2019

Picture archiving and communication system, commonly known as PACS is an imaging technology that manages the retrieval, economical storage, presentation, and distribution of medical images. With the help of PACS reports electronic images can be transmitted immediately digitally. This revives us from the burden of manually maintaining a file containing all the details. It enables the healthcare center to capture, view, share and store all kinds of reports and images both externally and internally.

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine, popularly known as DICOM, is the usual format for PACS. PACS are mostly used to control images from multiple imaging instruments used in the field of medicine, such as endoscopy, computed radiology, ophthalmology, ultrasound, etc. Several other image formats are being added daily.

Some of the key advantages of PACS are listed here:

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