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How To Make the Most Out Of Print Marketing

Posted on August 2, 2014

With the world making the shift towards easy and cost-effective online/email marketing channels, you may wonder if print marketing is dead. Companies are not sure if they should venture into print marketing and print out catalogues, brochures or newsletters.

Today, every customer gets an astounding amount of digital communication, and almost every new message is quickly replaced by the next email, tweet or Facebook status update, within a matter of seconds. Printed marketing material on the other hand is more tangible, has a higher-impact and can result in a higher ROI, as print media stands out in our current cluttered online world.

Investing in direct marketing can help you stimulate the sense of your customers and even create positive brand associations. This will make the communication between you and your customers more memorable. The best part about print media is that it cannot be filtered out with spam filters.

Having talked about the advantages of print media, you need not abandon one for the other. By successfully merging print and digital channels, you can increase your success and achieve a high ROI.

To get the best out of your print marketing, make sure that your print material contains the following three basics:

1. Customize your message

There is no one who knows your target audience better than yourself. Even if your print material is creative and well-designed, it cannot leave an impact on your customers, if it is not appropriately written for your target market. A good way to start is to customize each mail with the customer’s name. You can also use purchase and search history to choose images based on your customer’s gender, age, interests, occupation and points in the buying cycle.

2. Offer compelling solutions

Spend some time researching on the needs of your customers and offer a compelling solution, as to why they should contact you. Ensure that your message clearly states how your company can help prospective customers. After a customer contacts you, send out a follow-up correspondence that thanks the customer for the purchase. Do include a reminder to buy a complementary item, an offer to refer a friend or inform the customer about an upcoming sale.

3. Use an interactive/interesting format

Engage your customer with print pieces that demands their attention and interaction. You can use personalized messaging, innovative folds or attention-grabbing post-press finishes like die cutting, UV coating, embossing, foils stamping, metallic inks, dimensional mailers or scratch off coupons. For example, you can send out post-cards with scratch-off coupons.
To make the most out of marketing campaigns, develop and integrate a cohesive campaign across print and digital marketing channels, along with relevant and personal messages. Continue reading