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What are the Different Types of Millwork Drawings?

What Are the Different Types of Millwork Drawings?

Posted on November 12, 2020

Custom millwork is always an essential element of real estate projects. It gives a brilliant insight into the projects making execution a breeze. Millwork drawings are used in concrete constructions, as well as, interior décor. This is considered to be a perfect visualization tool for architecture representation of a project. It is used in different domains to provide a detailed format of a particular project. Let us check these domains where millwork drawings can be used efficiently.

Types of millwork drawings:

  1. Architecture
    The architectural plans of a construction site can be perfectly interpreted using millwork drafting. The drafting agencies used the latest tools to create such drawings for elevations, sections, fixtures, plans, etc including all the details. These details can be obtained by scouting the drawings and used to complete a project efficiently.
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