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What are Top Business Intelligence Trends for Future

What are the Top Business Intelligence Trends for the Future?

Posted on May 31, 2018

Business intelligence solutions are driven by the urge to serve the customers better. The solutions and trends of business intelligence translate the business data into intelligent insights that chisels out business strategies. These systems will deliver value to the sales, marketing, and development teams.

The business intelligence tools will continue to help businesses predict the outcomes of a campaign, make future forecasts, and render human-like intelligence to their operations.

2017 has witnessed a lot of emphasis on building solutions that drive business in an intelligent manner and we are all set to pave steps into a disruptive business world with the following trends:

  • Machine Learning Will Flourish

    Have you interacted with an AI-driven Chatbot? It is phenomenal how a software program understands the intent of the customer, derives insights from it, and offers his recommendations. With around 30% of the Chatbot users voting for using Chatbot in case of emergencies, it makes it evident that the customers are ready to board the Machine learning wagon. Influencing the markets and recommending products to users as per their interaction, machine learning is leading into the era of business intelligent tools.

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Go Digital with Microfiche Scanning and Conversion Services

Posted on July 5, 2013

Is your healthcare institution, financial company or government organization still relying on 105 x 148 mm microfiche slides for data storage?  If yes, then its time you digitized your data by investing on microfiche scanning and conversion services.  Earlier on, during the 80’s and 90’s microfiche slides were extremely popular because this type of data storage enabled a company to minimize cost, preserve important data and save trees all at the same time. But today, the same cannot be still said about microfiche cards.  Here are six reasons why it’s better to put an end to the use of microfiche slides:

  1. Microfiche cards can be very easily damaged
  2. As compared to digitized data, microfiche rolls are difficult to read
  3. There is a risk of losing data, as microfiche films can degrade over time
  4. Microfiche Readers are expensive, bulky and tricky to repair
  5. Information cannot be easily extracted, as one has to go through every microfiche slide
  6. Microfiche slides cannot be easily shared between several members in a team

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